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liberal N proud

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Trump admitted the President was born in the US so they could blame Hillary

That is the whole objective of Trump's Friday stunt.

We all think the media suddenly got a spine? They are being played like a fiddle. Every Trump surrogate repeats the same lie on every talking head show. They are using this as a way to project Trump's entire last 8 years of rhetoric on Hillary.

The media has stood up to it but only marginally. They call the lie but then just let the surrogate repeat the same thing and it goes unchallenged because of time constraints.

We can only say the media has turned on Trump if they start calling him for his other lies.

Posted by liberal N proud | Sun Sep 18, 2016, 09:58 PM (11 replies)

Trump Just Attacked Obama, and George Takei’s Response is PRICELESS

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Sep 16, 2016, 07:50 PM (66 replies)

Trump Just Mocked Harry Reid’s Eye Injury. Reid’s Response Is PERFECT

In the latest insult from the rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist running for President for the right, Donald Trump had the audacity to make fun of Harry Reid for an injury that caused him to break four ribs, bones in his face and completely lose sight in one eye.

Reid had been working out with resistance bands in his new home earlier this month when one snapped, sending him flinging him into a file cabinet. When asked about a comment Reid made regarding Trump’s health, Trump responded with, “Harry Reid? I think he should go back and start working out again with his rubber work-out pieces,” implying he should have another accident.

Reid furiously responded in an crushing statement: “Donald Trump can make fun of the injury that crushed the side of my face and took the sight in my right eye all he wants – I’ve dealt with tougher opponents than him,” Reid said in a statement Friday. “I may not be able to see out of my right eye, but with my good eye, I can see that Trump is a man who inherited his money and spent his entire life pretending like he earned it.”

So far in this campaign, Trump has insulted women, pastors, Vietnam veterans, the families of dead war heroes, judges, Hispanics… Now he can add the blind and the elderly to that deplorable laundry list of embarrassing incidents that shows there is no boundary Trump won’t breach or anyone he won’t insult if he feels threatened.

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Sep 16, 2016, 02:22 PM (15 replies)

Don't know if this is accurate, Trump's plan to hyjack the debates

Got this that said Trump was planning on hijacking the debates. The article explains an email he sent to his Turmpers asking them what they thought he should talk about and how he was going to ignore the moderators.

If anyone has more information on this, please share as I have never seen this source before: http://samuel-warde.com/2016/09/trump-shows-hand-reveals-plan-hijack-debates/

Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Sep 16, 2016, 01:18 PM (18 replies)

It’s Not Just About the Tacos

A guy walks into a TV studio. His name is Marco Gutierrez, founder of Latinos for Trump, and he is there to defend Donald Trump’s merciless immigrant-expulsion plan as tough but necessary, given what he knows about Mexicans.

“My culture is a very dominant culture,” he says on MSNBC, the day after Mr. Trump’s Aug. 31 immigration speech in Phoenix, “and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

Drugs, rape, murder, tacos: Leave it to the Trump crowd to frame the presidential race as a cultural death match. And leave it to Phoenix — border-state capital and overheated epicenter of the great American immigration freakout — to have gone down this road already, years ago.

Mr. Gutierrez, meet Salvador Reza.

Mr. Reza is an American of Mexican ancestry, a day-laborer organizer, military veteran and teacher, who has spent years in Phoenix being a thorn in the side of racist bureaucrats and law enforcement officials, especially Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the county’s Trump-supporting, serial immigrant abuser.

“People don’t know this,” Mr. Reza said, “but the precursor of all the anti-immigration laws in Arizona was the 1990s taco wars.”
More on the Taco Wars at link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/16/opinion/its-not-just-about-the-tacos.html?emc=edit_th_20160916&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=45299538&_r=0
Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Sep 16, 2016, 06:15 AM (2 replies)

This headline just pisses me off... Trump interrupted, heckled in visit to Flint church

Really, the media has some fucking nerve!

FLINT, Mich. — Donald Trump was cut off, chastised and then heckled after he attacked rival Hillary Clinton during what was supposed to be a speech on helping where the government had failed the people of Flint, Michigan.

"Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we've done in Flint, not give a political speech," said the Rev. Faith Green Timmons, the pastor of the Bethel United Methodist Church.

The Republican nominee quickly stopped, then said "Ok, that's good, Then I'm going to go back to Flint" and its water crisis that had sickened its citizens.

But the interruption seemed to embolden those in the sparse crowd. One woman shouted that Trump had used discriminatory housing practices in his buildings, causing the celebrity businessman to respond, "Never, you're wrong. Never would."

Trump abruptly ended his speech, which had lasted six minutes. More heckling followed him out.


Posted by liberal N proud | Thu Sep 15, 2016, 07:30 AM (6 replies)

The Deplorable: They can't Deplort me, I was born here...

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Sep 13, 2016, 08:39 PM (2 replies)

Hope they got the check cashed before he Trump comes to town...

Trump campaign pays $20K for security for upcoming visit to Canton

The Trump campaign said they will pick up the tab on the nominee's visit to Canton Wednesday. This comes after the city said they couldn't afford the $20,000 security bill. The mayor said Canton couldn't afford the costs of police, fire and added security.

The Republican nominee is expected to speak at the Canton Civic Center at 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

Trump visited the University of Akron Aug. 22. The University of Akron, Akron police and fire staffed that event. The city of Akron and the mayor's office said they have not received any payments from the Trump campaign.



With Trumps history of stiffing people, I would hope that Canton got the check cashed before he arrives.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Sep 13, 2016, 12:48 PM (1 replies)

Open letter to CBS's Scott Pelley and John Dickerson...

Saw your endless hit piece on Hillary Clinton over her health and your presumed "lack of information" from her campaign. I might remind you that you have much more information about her health than you do her opponent, Trump, the candidate who published a fake letter from a quack doctor who admitted it was written hastily.

Maybe you should be asking about his health.

And while yup are at it, you might ask where his tax returns are as well.

You are being "DEPLORABLE."
Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Sep 13, 2016, 03:26 AM (4 replies)

Please provide some context with your posts

I don't know how many posts I have opened just today that were one line, you should have heard or should have seen or Trump said or Trump surrogate said.

If you really want us to know what the #$^* you are talking about, give us some context. Links are great, videos are great, a few paragraphs that give context to what you are so excited about are fantastic.

We would all like to be as excited as you are but just can't get there without some context.


Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Sep 12, 2016, 02:20 PM (55 replies)
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