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It's true: Men can't read women's emotions, study confirms

It's a cliché that men just don't understand women.

Now, new research suggests men really do struggle to read women's emotions — at least from their eyes.

The research, published Wednesday (April 10) in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that men had twice as much trouble deciphering women's emotions from images of their eyes compared with those of men. Parts of the male brain tied to emotion also didn't activate as strongly when the men looked at women's eyes.

To see whether men really did have trouble reading women's emotions, Boris Schiffer, a researcher at the LWL-University Hospital in Bochum, Germany and his colleagues put 22 men between the ages of 21 and 52, with an average age of 36, in a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner, which uses blood flow as a measure of to measure their brain activity.

They then asked the men to look at images of 36 pairs of eyes, half from men and half from women, and guess the emotion the people felt. The men then chose which of two words, such as distrustful or terrified, best described the eyes' emotion. The eye photographs depicted positive, neutral, and negative emotions.

Men took longer and had more trouble correctly guessing emotion from women's eyes.

In addition, their brains showed different activation when looking at men versus women's eyes. Men's amygdala — a brain region tied to emotions, empathy, and fear — activated more strongly in response to men's eyes. In addition, other brain regions tied to emotion and behavior didn't activate as much when the men looked at women's eyes.


So maybe now, my wife will tell me what she is thinking? Maybe not!
Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Apr 17, 2013, 07:32 AM (6 replies)

Suspicious duffel bag found at East 55th Street RTA Rapid Station in Cleveland, bomb squad at scene

Source: News Channel 5 - Cleveland

CLEVELAND - RTA confirms a suspicious duffel bag at the RTA Rapid station located at East 55th Street and Woodland Avenue in Cleveland.

The package was reported around 9:30 a.m. The Cleveland Division of Police Bomb Squad and K9 dogs are at the site investigating.

The area and buildings surrounding the station have been evacuated. The I-490 entrance ramp from East 55th Street is closed.

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/cleveland_metro/Suspicious-package-found-at-East-55th-Street-RTA-Rapid-Station-bomb-squad-at-scene#ixzz2QdmaJXON

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/cleveland_metro/Suspicious-package-found-at-East-55th-Street-RTA-Rapid-Station-bomb-squad-at-scene
Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Apr 16, 2013, 11:30 AM (12 replies)

OK - I have had enough, the media is insane

They are no longer reporting the tragic event, they are in a feeding frenzy.

It like they are high on this stuff.

Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Apr 15, 2013, 07:12 PM (10 replies)

With the Capitol in the background, volunteers set up a mock cemetery in Washington

With the Capitol in the background, volunteers set up a mock cemetery in Washington on Thursday to begin a vigil for the more than than 3,300 people that have died from gun violence since the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

That's right, since Newtown!

Pressed by shooting victims and relatives of Americans slain in gun violence, the Senate on Thursday voted to begin an emotionally and politically charged debate on gun safety proposals as advocates of new laws overcame a Republican filibuster threat.

NY Times Quote of the day:
“It’s remarkable,” said Senator Christopher S. Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut whose nascent Senate career has been devoted to gun safety. “You can’t turn a corner in the Capitol this week without meeting a family of a gun violence victim. It’s hard to say no to these families.”


Posted by liberal N proud | Fri Apr 12, 2013, 06:44 AM (0 replies)

Mitch McConnell is the currently the biggest criminal liar in this country

This shit about the recording and leak and then sicking the FBI on it is sick as all the other shit he is and has pulled with his power.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Apr 9, 2013, 06:54 PM (5 replies)

Georgia high school students fight to end segregated prom

Wilcox County High School has two proms: one for white students and one for non-white students

Four girls in Rochelle, Ga. are fighting to do in their hometown what the Civil Rights Act was meant to do for all of America in 1964: end segregation.

WSAV in Georgia reports that Wilcox County High School holds two proms for its students: a whites-only prom, and an integrated prom. WSAV notes that the school has never had a fully inclusive prom in its history.

Best friends Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace and Keela Bloodworth are trying to change that. “We are all friends,” said Sinnot. “That’s just kind of not right that we can’t go to prom together.”

If any non-white person tried to attend the whites-only prom, “They would probably have the police come out there and escort them off the premises,” said Bloodworth. According to WSAV, this was the case in 2012 when a biracial student who tried to attend the dance was “turned away by police.”


Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Apr 8, 2013, 07:15 AM (11 replies)

J.C. Penney turning point?

With J.C. Penney struggling since the CEO changed the stores format and eliminated sales, it looks like the board of directors has slashed Ron Johnson's pay.

In a clear sign of its dissatisfaction with the direction of the company, the board of J. C. Penney gave its chief executive, Ron Johnson, a pay cut of almost 97 percent, to $1.9 million, for 2012, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday.

In addition, not a single top executive received a cash bonus for the year.

“The C.E.O. is certainly being given a message,” said Kent Hughes, managing director at the proxy advisory firm Egan-Jones Ratings Company.

Analysts generally say they believe that Mr. Johnson will be given at least another couple of quarters to turn around the company he was hired a little more than a year ago to revive.


IMO: Even at $1.9 million, his is overpaid!

Posted by liberal N proud | Wed Apr 3, 2013, 06:57 AM (31 replies)

NRA schools report suggests training staff in weapons

Color me surprised!


The National Rifle Association's National School Shield project released a series of recommendations Tuesday it says will help keep schools safer, including a training program for teachers and other school staff who want to carry a firearm.

The "model training program" would include a background check for school staffers who want to carry a firearm as well as 40-60 hours in training, former representative Asa Hutchinson, director of the project, said during a press conference at the National Press Club.

The report acknowledged many schools were unable to afford adding school resource officers (SROs) to their staff, which they site as an "important layer of security for prevention and response in case of an active threat on a school campus."

While the NRA initially advocated for former police officers to volunteer to guard schools, Hutchinson said the NRA's research caused the group to back off that approach.


If the guns are already at the schools, the shooter will not need to buy one, they can just go to the school, overpower a staff member and be set up with a weapon. More staff, more guns.

Posted by liberal N proud | Tue Apr 2, 2013, 01:36 PM (90 replies)

Want to know how far back the Republicans want to take the country?

Paul Begala has the answer in this editorial:

Jurassic Republicans
Can the GOP escape from 1955?

In his new biography of Roger Ailes, Zev Chafets writes that Ailes longs for America when it was “its natural, best self, which he locates, with modest social amendments, somewhere in midwestern America circa 1955.” Chafets does not say what those modest social amendments might be, but it got me thinking about the nature of conservative nostalgia.

Mitt Romney lost in part because his was a vision of Father Knows Best America in a time of Modern Family. Romney, by all accounts a devoted family man, could not seem to wrap his mind around the reality that families today come in a vast variety of configurations. His views on gay rights, women’s rights, and immigration (on which even Newt Gingrich accused him of wanting to divide families by deporting grandmothers who have lived here for decades) seemed hopelessly out of touch rather than charmingly retro. Meanwhile, Barack Obama cruised to reelection on a one-word slogan: Forward.
The Republican National Committee has, commendably, performed an autopsy on the carcass of its 2012 campaign. To its credit, the GOP seems to recognize that it doesn’t just need to moderate, it needs to modernize. You know a party is in trouble when its “celebrities” are has-beens like Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Daniels, and Ted Nugent (who, to be fair, had a big hit—in 1977). As the authors of the GOP report put it: “At our core, Republicans have comfortably remained the Party of Reagan without figuring out what comes next. Ronald Reagan is a Republican hero and role model who was first elected 33 years ago—meaning no one under the age of 51 today was old enough to vote for Reagan when he first ran for President. Our Party knows how to appeal to older voters, but we have lost our way with younger ones. We sound increasingly out of touch.”


So now we know.
Posted by liberal N proud | Mon Apr 1, 2013, 07:44 AM (8 replies)
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