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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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Anyone who thinks he understands politics better than Speaker Pelosi is an idiot.

(And it's always a "he".)

I am so proud of Speaker Pelosi today. I fully believe that this was her plan all along: appear to be against impeachment, so consistently that even your own party turns against you, until Trump gets a false sense of security and makes a misstep. Then pounce.

Keep driving your SUVs, folks; nothing to see here.

Not long ago, there was a thread in GD in which at least fifty people pressured a DUer, who was concerned about buying a car not made in the United States, to buy an SUV instead, even though s/he preferred cars.

And then there was a thread in which a DUer asked if small people ever drove large SUVs, and DUer after DUer bragged about how s/he was a small person and drove a giant SUV.

Just try starting a thread in GD asking DUers to even slightly reduce their meat intake, and you will be flamed right off the forum.

There used to be an environmental conservancy organization in my building. Every day, the employees would arrive in their SUVs. How did they help the environment by driving SUVs? Well, they had pro-environment stickers on their bumper stickers!

We will get exactly what we deserve. We cannot pretend to care about the environment if we demonstrate with our actions, every single day, that we do not give a damn.

It's just a body part. Get over it.

I refuse to wear uncomfortable padded bras that are difficult to wash and bad for the environment just because American society, in its misogyny, finds my body parts objectionable. This entire thread is sexist.

And no, I am not constantly looking down at my breasts to see whether they might be doing something that misogynists have a problem with.

Mammograms do not provide breast health.

Seriously, is there any woman out there who is not bombarded with information about mammograms, and pressured, as soon as they reach the age of 39, to get annual screening mammograms?

The research shows that screening mammograms don't save lives:

If you really care about breast health, do your own research:

This is just a handout to the mammogram industry. Don't be fooled. I am not against Senator Klobuchar, who would be much better for the country than Trump, but this is not the first time she has sided with industry over the interests of the people. What I care about is women, who should not be going through the pain and anxiety of mammograms, not to mention disfiguring overtreatment, without knowing the facts.

ETA: Note that the funding would be for "breast cancer awareness", not for research into breast cancer or breast cancer treatment.

I have excellent insurance, and it sucks.

Every time I have to see a doctor, I have to pay a $30 or $60 co-pay, depending on whether the doctor is a specialist.

Four years ago, I had to have a minor surgery, and while I was recovering from it, I received a letter in the mail telling me that my surgery wouldn't be covered because it should have been out-patient surgery, and I had stayed at the hospital overnight. (I have no idea how I could possibly have gone home the same day; getting up out of that hospital bed on the second day was the most physically painful experience I've ever had.) I was completely stressed out for days, not knowing how much I would have to pay out of pocket. When I called my doctor's office, they were completely unhelpful. After lots of phone calls and e-mails, I was finally able to figure out that my doctor's office had filed the claim incorrectly. (I believe they did this on purpose because they charge a patient three times more if insurance doesn't cover a procedure. Insurance companies will refuse to pay more than a certain amount for a procedure, but an individual is in no position to argue about what any given procedure should cost.) In the end, after lots of phone calls and e-mails, my doctor's office filed the correct paperwork, and I only ( ) had to pay $500 out of pocket for the surgery (not including additional amounts for the anesthesia, etc.). But I'm certain that my recovery was slowed down because of the extreme stress I suffered.

Anyone who likes their insurance company has not (yet) been in a situation where their insurance company will try to screw them over. The insurance companies hold all the cards. They're able to refuse to cover a procedure for extremely arcane reasons. Medicare for all, on the other hand would ultimately be controlled by the power of the vote. I will never understand what makes Americans so comfortable handing over all the power to a private company and so uncomfortable handing over much less power to the government.
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