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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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And they will do it again if we let them.

A month or two ago, I was looking at a Kamala Harris campaign video on YouTube and saw comment after comment attacking her. Most comments were from accounts that had nothing publicly visible, but I saw one comment that had three liked or favorite (I donít remember which) videos with Russian titles. The Russians are already causing discord. After all, there was never any reason for them to stop.

If you see a post by someone disparaging any candidate, consider that it may be from a Russian troll. Even high post counts are no guarantee that someone is for real, since the Russians have been planning this interference for years. I am convinced that the reason DU was so inhospitable to Hillary supporters throughout the primaries in 2016 was due to Russian manipulation, which unfortunately resonated with some here. Based on what many DUers have been posting about some of our strongest candidates, I see no reason to think that anyone has learned anything from the 2016 experience. If people donít open their minds and hearts this time around, I fear we will get another four years of Trump. And that will mean the end of American democracy.

Take women for granted at your peril.

Women are not going to go out and campaign enthusiastically for yet another white male after the sexist attacks on Hillary gave us sexual-predator-in-chief Trump. We saw this in the midterms. Women are sick and tired of the patriarchy and its sexism. If Biden or any other white male is the nominee, Trump will win a second term.

And no, women are not going to be mollified by having a white male candidate pick a currently-powerful woman like Harris or Warren for the powerless and mostly irrelevant position of vice-president.

The fact that murder is bad doesn't make theft acceptable.

I donít want to live in a world where men freely touch womenís thighs and waists and arms and give them unwelcome hugs and kisses and squeezes. We are not pieces of meat. And sometimes a person is too shocked to respond immediately but later feels bad that some strange man grabbed her. I donít want to have to explain to every man I meet that I donít want to be touched. They should develop some respect and empathy and pick up from my behavior that I donít want to be touched.

If itís disrespectful or weird to do something to a man you are not sexually involved with, itís unacceptable to do it to a woman youíre not sexually involved with. Period. Stating that women should be treated with as much respect as men does not in any way take away from the seriousness of rape or sexual assault. Quite the contrary. Rape and sexual assault are part of the culture of misogyny that says that itís OK to treat women like pieces of meat.
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