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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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There is no way to forget about him

when you live in New Jersey, where all non-essential construction work on roads and rail has been stopped for over a month now because of his feud with the Democratic Senate.


Construction workers are losing their income, and people are being stuck in traffic, because of Chris Christie's narcissism. Unfortunately, we're stuck with this guy until 2018.

Do these people understand what "not being scared

to use" the nuclear codes means?

Do they have any idea what it would mean for the United States, and for the world, for any country to use a nuclear weapon today?


When President Kennedy addressed the nation and said that any nuclear missile launched from Cuba would be met by “a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union,” Perry knew exactly what that meant. He had been studying such nuclear strategies for ten years. Each day as he went to the analysis center, he thought to himself that this would be “my last day on earth.”

Perry says it was by luck that we avoided a nuclear holocaust in the Cuban crisis. Years later, we found out that there were some additional and dangerous circumstances that might have pushed us into nuclear war.


Perry tells us that parity is “old thinking” because nuclear weapons can’t actually be used—the risk of uncontrollable and catastrophic escalation is too high. They are only good for threatening the enemy with nuclear retaliation. Our submarine force, equipped with nuclear weapons, is virtually invulnerable and can perform that deterrent function well. (It should be noted that the doctrine of deterrence is severely criticized by those who worry about the implications of threatening mass slaughter.6)


While many complain of the obvious dysfunction in Washington, few see the incomparably greater danger of “nuclear doom” because it is hidden and out of public consciousness. Despite an election year filled with commentary and debate, no one is discussing the major issues that trouble Perry. It is another example of the rigid conformity that often dominates public discourse. Long ago, I saw this in the Vietnam War and later in the invasion of Iraq: intelligent people were doing mindless—and catastrophic—things. “Sleepwalking” is the term historians now use for the stupidities that got European leaders into World War I and for the mess they unleashed at Versailles. And sleepwalking still continues as NATO and Russia trade epithets and build their armies and Moscow and Washington modernize their nuclear overkill. A new cold war.

A witch hunt.

Trump's, and the Republican party's, attacks on Clinton are looking more and more like a witch hunt. We have a smart woman who is a better politician and understands foreign affairs better than men, so she must be a witch; she must be the devil. This is a dog whistle to all the religious nutcases out there who still believe, as people did centuries ago, that women are intrinsically evil. Hopefully people who still think this way are too small in number to give us President Trump.
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