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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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I saw this film on Netflix a little over six months ago. I convinced my husband to see it as well, and we immediately stopped buying any non-plant-based foods.


If you still eat animal products, I urge you to see this film. It will change your life -- for the better. As someone who used to love raw fish and rare steak, and ate meat twice a day, I can say that nothing is better than the feeling I get after each meal in which I didn't contribute to animal suffering.

The protein myth ...

I agree that the facile, self-serving, and self-centered (as pointed out by flvegan) comment about "honoring" the animal's "sacrifice" (presumably by eating it) is maddening. It's probably a bit late to respond to your friend, but if s/he brings it up again, you could point out that too much protein can cause health problems. Here is a great page about the "protein myth":

After all, if even top athletes can get enough protein from a vegan diet, what makes your friend think s/he needs more?
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