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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
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You are not a telemarketer.

Some ignorant people may treat you like a telemarketer, but you have to remember that what you're doing is very different from telemarketing. Not only are you not getting paid for the calls you make, but you are participating in the political process, calling your fellow voters to have conversations about issues that matter to them. Anyone can refuse to buy a product a salesperson is trying to sell them, but no one can avoid the consequences of an election. This is why the calls we make are protected under the first amendment. There is no do-not-call list for political or charity calls.

I've been making calls for several weeks now. I'm like you: I get nervous, and I don't always make the case well to an undecided voter. It's always painful when someone is rude, but the occasional Obama supporter more than makes up for it. Even after a particularly bad session, I feel a sense of accomplishment because I went out there and did something that was uncomfortable for me, and I did it because it matters, because the President can't win this without our efforts.

In 2000, we lost the election by 537 votes. The calls you make can make the difference between a Romney presidency and a second Obama term. Be proud of what you're doing. I'm proud of what you're doing. Let's make sure the President wins this!

There is a huge amount you can do.

Go to dashboard.barackobama.com and find your neighborhood team. Then click "Events" to find out what activities are going on near you.

I live in NJ and have been making phone calls into PA as well as driving over to PA to knock on doors. It's extremely satisfying to be a part of this campaign. Sometimes people are rude, but other times I feel I may have put a seed of doubt in someone's mind, or gotten someone to think more deeply about the issues. And it's great to meet so many other people who care enough to volunteer their time for a cause they believe in.

There is a statistic out there: an undecided person who is contacted in person, by someone volunteering for a candidate, is significantly -- something like 10 times -- more likely to vote for that candidate. The Romney campaign is making robocalls, whereas the Obama campaign has volunteers making calls. That is a huge advantage we have over them.

If you don't want to make phone calls, you can do data entry; there is a need for that as well.

Everyone who is supporting Obama and has any time to spare should go out and volunteer. Honestly: instead of posting here, people should be making phone calls. You can make calls from anywhere in the country, either by joining phone banking activities in your neighborhood or making calls from your home using the Dashboard "make calls" tool. Please go out and do something. The calls you make may decide the outcome of the election.
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