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Member since: Sat Aug 7, 2004, 10:55 PM
Number of posts: 4,187

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There wasn't enough time to reunite last time.

Some attacks are impossible to recover from. Before viciously attacking a candidate. DUers should consider the possibility that the person they are attacking might end up being the Democratic nominee.

The Russians, by the way, are loving this. If you look at the comments on some of the Kamala Harris campaign videos on YouTube, you will find that 80% or more of them are negative. I clicked on the profile of one person who was criticizing her and found four videos with titles in Russian. If we want to avoid a repeat of 2016, we need to focus our anger on Trump and the Republicans, not on this or that Democratic candidate who is too impure and imperfect for our tastes.

I actually think he's done.

He lost big on this. I didn’t think he would ever capitulate. I fully expected him to declare an emergency today, but I now realize that was a bluff. This is the first time Trump has ever lost a battle. He is a broken man, seriously weakened by what has happened. He thought his moves were brilliant and that he would be able to triumph over the Democrats, build his wall, be wildly popular, win re-election, and go down in history as the greatest president ever. I believe he has finally hit the wall of reality and is still a bit stunned by the impact.

The guy, like all narcissists, is basically a cockroach. He fools people into thinking he’s strong, but at the end of the day, he’s just an empty coward.

They called her "weak".

That was the word repeatedly used to describe her, even here on DU. It is the word that is used to describe all female politicians.

What is weak is a man who cannot stand a strong woman and has to diminish her by calling her “weak”. And a woman who cannot stand that another woman has achieved more power in this sexist world than she has and also has to diminish her by calling her “weak”.

I am sick and tired of weak men and women. They gave us President Donald Trump. And they tried to take Speaker Pelosi away from us. If I explained how much contempt I have for such people, this message would not be fit to post here.

Please look into the heart benefits of a WFPB diet.

There is no reason anybody should have to go through what you went through when we have science that shows it’s preventable. The only reason you don’t know about it is that people’s health is considered less important than the health of the meat, dairy, and egg industries.

Watch the videos linked from this article:

The only way to end this shutdown

is to have Congress pass a veto-proof bill.

Trump will never capitulate, but not for the reasons others have proposed. He will not capitulate because he has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Anyone unfortunate enough to have lived with someone who has NPD will tell you that once a narcissist decides to get someone to do something, he simply refuses to give up. And since most people don’t realize they’re dealing with a narcissist, the narcissist almost always gets his way. The narcissist’s relentlessness in trying to get what he wants is stronger than any normal person’s will or determination. He makes life so miserable for his target that the target eventually decides they want to end their misery more than they want to avoid giving the narcissist what he wants. What Trump is doing is using a narcissist’s relentless manipulative tactics to get his wall. And, at this point, there is literally nothing that can get him to give up on his wall.

If Democrats negotiate with Trump, this will just teach Trump that this is how long he needs to shut down the government the next time he wants something from Congress. Speaker Pelosi recognizes this. But it’s very important that other Democrats understand it as well.

The only way this ends well is if the Republicans in the Senate decide they’ve had enough and pass the House bills to fund the government with a veto-proof majority. And I believe we are at least one, if not two or three months, away from that point.


even DUers, love their SUVs and meat and air travel and ability to procreate too much to care. That’s why you’re getting no replies. Denial is easier than recognizing and getting rid of one’s bad habits, which takes intellectual courage.

Not long ago, there was a thread on DU in which pretty much everyone recommended that a DUer who doesn’t like SUVs should just buy an SUV because SUVs are much better . There was another thread in which petite women were bragging about how they drive large SUVs. Any time someone tries to suggest that people go vegan to save animals, the planet, and their own health, they get flamed off the forum.

You’re right. We’re doomed. We’re doomed because the vast majority of humans are disgustingly selfish. The only way to live in this world as someone who cares is to focus on your own actions and try to ignore the masses, because they’re too narrowly focused on their own immediate self-interest to even consider changing.

Four Americans have died in Syria.

They arguably would still be alive today if Trump had not bragged a month ago about having supposedly defeated ISIS.


We spent years listening to and funding endless investigations of four other Americans who died in Benghazi. And yet, not only do we hear nothing from the media, but there isn’t even a single thread blaming the person who is ultimately responsible for the most recent deaths: Trump.

President Obama knew that the right way to deal with ISIS was to root out its members and kill them, while ignoring the terrorist organization publicly. ISIS needs attention and publicity to recruit members, and Trump just gave them attention and publicity. But don’t expect to hear anyone criticize Trump for his blunder.

Being female is no defense.

If women couldn’t be sexist, we would be living under President Clinton. Whenever someone argues that a woman can’t be sexist, they reveal how little they’ve studied or thought about sexism.

Moreover, the argument “I would vote for such and such other woman in a heartbeat” is an empty defense, since it is by definition unprovable. We heard it from the hundreds of DUers who claimed in 2016 that they would vote for Warren “in a heartbeat” but couldn’t bring themselves to support HRC. The same people are now claiming that Warren is too old, not exciting enough, and “lacks energy”.

We all have to fight societally learned tendencies toward sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry. It’s the person who assumes s/he is by definition not bigoted who ends up unwittingly perpetuating bigoted attitudes. Calling a female politician an “opportunist” is one such attitude. It’s hard to argue that that’s not sexist. And my opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is the truth, and it should concern you more than anyone else.

Why Fat-Shaming Is Wrong.

When people fat-shame others, they make excuses that if the person being shamed didn't want to be shamed, they would just lose weight. And they say that fat-shaming is good because being fat is unhealthy.

The reality, however, is that it is impossible to lose weight, and that being fat is not unhealthy.

That may go against everything you have been told to believe, but it happens to be the truth.

Fat-shaming is no different than racism, sexism, or homophobia. When you fat-shame someone, you are shaming them for something they cannot control. When you define fat as "bad" and thin as "good", you are defining one group of people as superior to another group based on nothing more than the genes they were born with.

Here is why it is impossible to lose weight:



And here is why being "overweight" or "obese" is not, in fact, unhealthy, according to decades of scientific research:



Two wrongs don't make a right.

If fat-shaming is wrong, it is wrong, period. The fact that Trump fat-shames women despite being fat himself doesn't make fat-shaming Trump OK. I suspect that people fat-shame Trump in the hope that he will understand his own hypocrisy or feel bad about his own weight, but that is never going to happen. Trump has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which means he has almost no self-consciousness.

If people want to annoy Trump, they should attack him where it hurts. They should post about how weak Trump is and what a failure he is as president. They should post endlessly about Obama's inauguration crowd size compared to Trump's, and Obama's high popularity compared to Trump's. They should post pictures of Obama being adored by large crowds. Fat-shaming Trump will not hurt Trump, but it is likely to hurt other good people who happen to be fat. Just because you don't mind the fat-shaming of Trump doesn't necessarily mean other fat people don't mind it, either. In the end, fat-shaming anyone propagates the idea that being fat is bad and shameful. And that can only hurt fat people in the long run.
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