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Member since: Tue Aug 3, 2004, 01:15 AM
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"Knowing what we know now, I would not have gone into Iraq'" -Jeb bush

Wrong answer.

*I* knew then, BEFORE the illegal invasion of Iraq, what Jeb apparently only knows "now". Living in Texas at the time, I wrote about the lies and provided mainstream links to the facts, night & day, for months. I was threatened and stalked and shunned.

But I never changed my stance, unlike Jeb, who flip-flops like a fish out of water, depending on what he thinks is the most expedient answer. And along with the vast majority of my own country's citizens (92%), and the rest of the world's (89%) -and even including 57% of the American people- who opposed the lies and the invasion- were proved absolutely correct; Iraq had nothing whatsoever to do with the 911 attacks; there were no WMDs in Iraq; and no invaders were going to be greeted with flowers, candy and statues in the main square.

So many dead, dying, limbs severed, lives destroyed. For a pack of known-at-the-time lies.
My first clue was the first blatant lie, repeated ad nauseum by brother george and the US "media" that "Saddam kicked out the UN weapons inspectors". No, he didn't. The US withdrew the inspectors prior to the Desert Fox bombing.

I thought "How could *I* know this fact, and the president of the United States of America doesn't??! Nor, apparently, does any US reporter or journalist. Strange!"

But no, not strange. Not an innocent misspoke over & over & over again, used as a justification to invade men, women, and children. Just a pack of lies, one after another, faithfully repeated as gospel truth by the US media. And the cost? That's still on-going.

*I* knew then, Jeb. And YOU only know "now"??!

And this is someone anyone in their right mind would vote for to keep them "safe"?
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