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blue neen

blue neen's Journal
blue neen's Journal
July 9, 2012

Adult Basic Funding Suits Allowed to Proceed Against Corbett!

"Commonwealth Court ruled that a second class-action suit over the redirection of tobacco settlement funds away from the defunct adultBasic health insurance program may proceed against Gov. Tom Corbett, Budget Secretary Charles Zogby and the state Treasury Department."

"In a 34-page opinion in Sears v. Corbett issued June 27, a 5-2 majority decided to sustain in part and overrule in part preliminary objections filed by Mr. Corbett, Mr. Zogby and the state Legislature, allowing the plaintiffs to proceed with their claim seeking to have the state Treasury Department return to allocating tobacco settlement money to adultBasic."

"AdultBasic was a popular, low-cost health insurance program for working poor who were ineligible for other government plans such as Medicaid and Medicare. But the state let the program expire in 2011, claiming a lack of funds."

"The court also allowed claims seeking declaratory and mandamus relief to go forward."

"On June 29, the court issued a nearly identical ruling in a second class action, Weisblatt v. Corbett, though that suit does not name the Legislature as a defendant."

"Because the reasoning of Sears v. Corbett applies equally in this case, we incorporate that opinion by reference and reach the same conclusions in this case," Judge Patricia A. McCullough wrote for the majority."

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/business/legal/adultbasics-funding-suit-will-proceed-643924/#ixzz2072VhIe2

Many Pennsylvanians have suffered because of Tom Corporate Corbett's apparently illegal ax to the Adult Basic Program. Adult Basic covered working Pennsylvanians who had no other way to obtain insurance. I pray that Corbett loses and these tax-paying citizens can have their insurance restored retroactively.

Tom Corbett. Worst Governor Ever.

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