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Member since: Sun Aug 1, 2004, 02:35 PM
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OMG!! Aren't they gorgeous??? (For all you cat lovers)

*** Impossibly beautiful ***

They're Servals

They get up to 26 lbs

BTW, it does bother me that they are in people's homes and not in the wild, where they belong.

How about a little tail??

A comprehensive website of cliches (though I prefer to call them idioms)

Fascinating because, among other things, it lists the country of origin (and it's astonishing how many of these idioms originated in the US)


The Biggest PR Myth of All: Thereís No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

To those who believe "there is no such thing as bad publicity," I have to respectfully disagree. And I found an excellent article about why it's a myth that puts it much better than I ever could.

The idea that thereís no such thing as bad publicity is laughable. Itís totally insane.

Just ask BP. Do you think they enjoyed being in the spotlight for the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf? Do you think they enjoyed having people boycott their fueling stations? Do you think they thought it was cool that there was a BP oil spill Halloween costume?

Of course they didnít. The company took a massive hit thanks to all of the negative publicity. Theyíve already spent millions trying to rebuild their image through a PPC campaign, TV commercials, and more.

And what about Toyota? How do you think all of those recalls over faulty, dangerous vehicles worked out for them? Last time I checked, their sales were down nearly 10%, and their competitors were making huge gains.

Oh, and letís not forget about Tiger Woods. Itís been exactly one year since his scandal, and the public hasnít viewed the athlete the same ever since. Thanks to the negative publicity, Tiger Woods lost numerous sponsors, including Accenture and AT&T. You think he enjoyed the negative media attention? You think Tiger feels thereís no such thing as bad publicity?

Somehow, I doubt it.


Here are der drumpf's endorsements thus far... my, what an impressive bunch

PS This is like shooting fish in a barrel-- there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of stories that
tell the truth about this cretin's countless defects.

SFGate: Oregon frat trashes Lake Shasta, leaves behind 90 tents

This is... unbelievable


PoliticusUSA: Donald Trumpís Candidacy is a Symptom of a Much Larger Disease

The Trump campaign is a manifestation of an illness that has been infecting American politics for generations.

A common trope in horror films is to make the audience believe the antagonist is finally dead, just to shock them with one more appearance by a bloodied and angry villain who makes one last attempt to wreak havoc on his (or her) victims.


Right now, we are seeing a different Ė but still terrifying Ė horror movie play out before our eyes in the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, and itís up to voters to quash it come November.

The real villain, though, is not necessarily Trump. Instead, the metaphorical head that needs to be removed is the one that gives oxygen and viability to a campaign like Trumpís Ė thatís the antagonist we should all unite in destroying this year.


Eight Endangered Species Making Epic Comebacks

Just stumbled upon this-- great news!!



The Germans have a word for it...

Backpfeifengesicht, meaning "a face in need of a good punch."

Got it from here, regarding the face of Ted Cruz.


The Beautiful Bay Lights

The Bay Bridge, so long in the shadows of her glamorous sister the Golden Gate Bridge, has come into her own with a dazzling, shimmering display of lights.

The Bay Lights LED installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge officially came to life on Tuesday night, March 5, 2013. 25,000 individually controlled lights form patterns programmed by video artist Leo Villareal.

The lights were discontinued for awhile, but they're soon to be back in 2016-- by popular demand.
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