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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: California
Member since: Wed Jul 28, 2004, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 9,419

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I don't know how many times I have said this on DU,

but I'm going to keep repeating it. And others in this thread have said pretty much the same thing.

This country is in crisis, a crisis I don't think we have seen since the Civil War. And if you don't think it's that bad, you are not paying attention.

If there was ever a time for experience, it is now.

Yes, Barack Obama took office as a young man, without the experience that Joe Biden now has. And yes, President Obama did an incredible job. President Obama inherited Bush's mess, but the next president will be walking into a minefield.

Trump has disgraced us at every turn. He has made our country a laughing stock. He is tearing up our justice system, and he is fanning the flames of hatred as fast as he possibly can. He is destroying everything he touches.

There are a number of Democratic candidates who are incredible in so many ways, and I would love to see any number of them as vice president, and then in the future as president.

But right now, this country needs the respect that Joe Biden will bring to the office, the knowledge he will bring to the office, the goodwill he already carries with him, to deal with countries and leaders all around the world.

It isn't just going to take the experience of our president, but the experience of leaders around the world to help us heal this country. We are going to need their help, and I think they would all reach out their hand to Joe Biden.
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