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Gender: Female
Hometown: South East Michigan
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Jul 27, 2004, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 10,559

Journal Archives

Help, Please: Special Needs Family in Missouri Needs Roof (& More)

I have been privileged to meet some amazing people over the last few years through my work with the Preemie Growth Project, and one of the most amazing families lives in Missouri. Mom and Dad now have NINE children, with six of them adopted with a variety of special needs.

The youngest child is a living miracle - Fragile X with a permanent trachea and medical issues that require round the clock care. Her life is a miracle, and she has defied all "logical" predictions about not only her life expectancy, but her physical and mental capacities as well.

The devotion required has not come without cost -- the sacrifices have been many.

They are finally asking for help.

You can read the request here - https://www.gofundme.com/qvhyenuk - they need a new roof, insulation and other things like a communication device that isn't 100% covered and costs $17K. There is more...

These are GOOD people. Please help, if you can. And if anyone knows of any organizations that can help this amazing family in Missouri, please share.

GOFUNDME LINK - https://www.gofundme.com/qvhyenuk

Thank you!

My household is officially supporting Bernie in the Primary.

Even before the candidates officially threw their hats into the ring, I was uncomfortable with Hillary back in the White House again because of her previous eight years as the First Lady. I believe that immediate family of Presidents - husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters - should not be voted in because the existing relationships create too much opportunity for corruption. That opinion has not changed.

However, I am voting for Bernie because it turns out I agree with the majority of his political stances. I agree with a less significant portion of Hillary's and am in near single digits with Republicans (yeah!) who frankly terrify me with their Nazi rhetoric. (Is this a Return of Hydra thing? I prefer my entertainment be a little less prophetic, thank you!)

I have concerns about whether or not Bernie the former Independent can twist arms appropriately on BOTH sides of the aisle to actually accomplish his goals (President Obama came up in Chicago style politics, and let's face it, there is a reputation for getting things done there that has served him well, in my opinion) especially if BOTH sides decide to be obstructive, but he has been dealing with "tell the truth/figure it out later" for his entire career, so I am willing to try. I am also worried about his age, so his running mate is something I will be watching carefully when it comes to his further judgment. He is a Grown Up (Hillary is too - no mistaking the quality of the candidates!) and I think his underdog status will play well with the undecideds, which makes me believe he is electable.

My admiration, respect and appreciation for Hillary remains high. I would love to see her on the Supreme Court. I do not, however, want to deal with a rehash of the fake scandals we have already been dealing with - email? Seriously? Right up there with "the pant suit" thing for stupid. She is HATED by the Republicans because of everything she has accomplished While Being A Smart Woman, and their crazy is not going to stop with her in office. Logic has nothing to do with the bile her detractors spew, and candidly, I am not interested in years more of it. Can SHE handle it? Yes, I have no doubt, but I am tired of it. I know the Rabid Republicans will find something to go after decent people about (Faux News gets its money because of this), but Clinton fatigue is high.

So, there is my logic. I will be supporting Bernie.

Oh, and for anyone keeping track, I am a married college educated middle class woman of middle years with two children. My husband (college educated, etc.) is also supporting Bernie, too.

Good luck to all.

Husband/Wife Dispute: Weigh In

This is not a divorce level thing; it is a difference of opinion, so share yours.

I am the wife. For the last ten to fifteen years, we have played poker with a group of mostly guys on a semi-regular basis. I am not the only woman who plays, and the stakes are low, with a "friendly game" attitude.

One of the other players is a very good friend of my husband's. We were couple friends (both stood in our wedding) for many years, but a falling out mainly between the wife and I about ten years ago stopped a lot of that - I attempted to mend the breach to no avail. I handled a situation badly, and then they handled it even worse, and even though the male half of that team and I worked through it, the rift with the wife appears permanent. The friend of my husband's is also someone who has done me a good turn or two recently, and I thought we were resuming some of our old friendship.

We hosted a poker party over the holiday; a good time was had by all. The good friend came (his wife was invited, but she stayed home to watch their kids). My husband's friend now wants to do a "boy's night" to celebrate his birthday, which I have come to expect means a rare trip to the bar, and so I gave up "date night" without a moment's hesitation...

Only it turns out he is doing a "boy's only" poker night at his home, and under this guise, I am not invited.

My feelings are hurt. My husband sees no problem with this "boy's only" thing. Apparently I am welcome to come play poker everywhere but this man's home, and I am unhappy with my husband for being okay with me being excluded from a previously mutual activity, but on the other hand, it is this guy's birthday, and his wife and I don't get along, so of course he should be loyal to his spouse.

Which begs the question why my spouse doesn't feel the same, but then we're back to "birthday boy" excuse, and what's wrong with a little bit of of misogyny every now and then, right?

My husband is willing to back out, but will resent it.

I am willing to go along with being excluded, but I will resent it.

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