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Gender: Female
Hometown: South East Michigan
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Jul 27, 2004, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 10,559

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"Once he choked her unconscious, I didn't need to get to know him!"

Top ten list of "things I thought I would never need to explain" except that apparently I had to spell this out for someone who was trying to justify letting two young "lovebirds" stay in her home after the boyfriend was released from jail following his arrest after an incident of violence.

I have been told that the girlfriend assaulted him first, then he choked her unconscious, and she called the police on him when she came to. (The home owner saw the marks on her neck.) The police deemed the situation to be "mutual combat" but since he had an outstanding warrant (driving on a suspended license) he got hauled off to jail. He was released Monday (after two weeks in jail) and the two lovebirds were back together again before his release.

It is actually the home owner I am most upset with because the line "but the girlfriend wants him back!" was actually used as part of the justification, along with me "not really knowing the guy" which is when I used the quote in the subject.

It is "not my circus, and not my monkeys" but I predict this is not going to end well. The girlfriend moved in with the homeowner less than two months ago, has lost custody of her child to the state, was stealing from the home owner/called the police to get the home owner arrested after initiating a tug of war over the stolen property (that was a shocker/didn't work, thank goodness), and now this...all in two months!!!

Apparently I am a judgmental cynic. I do not think "a stern talking to" is going to prevent the next episode of "drama" from happening, which I predict will occur before the end of April.

"But they have no place to go!"

"He choked your granddaughter unconscious - who cares?"

The CRAZY is strong with these ones....ARGH!

Karma has bitten someone. I feel bad for the guy.

His incompetence cost half a dozen people their jobs, and he FINALLY got fired.

There was a time I would have celebrated, but now I just feel sorry for him. He tried to protect himself by throwing other people under the bus, and it totally backfired on him.

He was enabled by a supervisor who has apparently managed to save himself by blaming this guy. It is an ugly mess. I am grateful to be NOT involved, and hope my former team is able to function with a competent person in the role.

I am surprised by my pity for the man, especially after he did so much damage....?
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