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Gender: Female
Hometown: South East Michigan
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Jul 27, 2004, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 10,559

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A Sincere "Thank You" to Mitt Romney

I believe Governor Romney has been a *GREAT* Republican candidate for President.

I truly appreciate some of the things he has brought to the table, and how frankly, he appears at heart to be a decent man, with a good family.

I like the fact he is a Mormon, and that only a few generations ago, the idea that this "minority religion" would have one of its adherents run for the highest political office is something that makes me proud of this country. I think I may actually still be alive to see a hajib wearing daughter of middle eastern immigrants stand for high office for one day, and it makes me smile; diversity makes my country STRONG.

I respect the fact he doesn't drink or smoke (despite the social pressure), that his marriage seems to have a strong basis of love/trust between the two of them, and (despite Tagg's rude comment, which he demonstrated good character by apologizing for), his children seem like good quality people.

I think about some of the other potential candidates on that side of the aisle - dear God in Heaven, NEWT! - whose lack of "family values" would have quickly become a sideshow in the race, and I am again grateful. I can respect a person who is/was willing to stand up and take the beating that running for public office brings to the table.

I think Governor Romney considers himself a plain-spoken man, who says what he thinks, and I truly, truly appreciate that.

Most importantly, I think he has clearly articulated the views of the Republican Party, and there is no misunderstanding on my end about what he would bring to the table if he were President.

He would restrict access to health care for women (abortions and birth control).

He would support corporate profits - and not the workers.

He would impose his vision of "moral" behavior on others at the expense of civil rights for LGBT.

He doesn't respect the findings of the National Academy of Science, and believes human beings have no ability to impact (for good or bad) climate change.

He doesn't seem to "notice" the issues our military deals with when it comes to the needs of our veterans.

His understanding of our place in the world seems guaranteed to send our troops into Iran and/or Syria; the importance of "face" seems to be something he is oblivious about in world affairs.

His understanding of most of the issues he talks about seems to vary depending on who he last spoke with; I don't think he knows how to 'google' for himself, or use analytical reasoning to determine whether opinions are valid.

He associates with people who appear to be fascinated with Rape, and its consequences, to the point where they almost seem to endorse it.

The Medicare "voucher" concept seems to be designed to enrich a small group, and endanger the health of senior citizens, as well as the mental health of those who have to explain the changes to them if they go through!.

There is more, but truthfully, I don't need to list them. I am clear on where the Republicans stand on every issue, and it isn't a place I want this country to go; frankly, the viewpoints seem designed to profit only a small portion of the country, which means I can't trust he (or they) will look out for the best interests of me, or my family.

As I said, I think he has been a GREAT candidate. I am very clear on where he stands, and why he thinks the way he does. I find him...inspiring. (http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021240371)

I am able to clearly contrast Republican views of "every man for himself/if I'm in charge, it is about me and my friends" (as explained by Governor Romney) with Democratic views of "let's work together/we *all* build a great America" (as explained by President Obama).

Thank you, Governor Romney. MY CHOICE IS CLEAR.

I am voting for President Obama. I am voting the DEMOCRATIC TICKET.

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