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Gender: Female
Hometown: South East Michigan
Home country: United States
Member since: Tue Jul 27, 2004, 01:19 PM
Number of posts: 10,559

Journal Archives

I am at the Great Lakes National Cemetery.

I am hanging with one of my favorite veterans waiting to join other veterans and their families in cleaning the headstones of our veterans in preparation for Memorial Day.

ON EDIT: Did I say veterans enough?

The Gold Star Mom manning the Registration table has already brought tears to my eyes. Wish me luck holding it together today!

Oh, and to all of our DU members who served --


PS Please say hello to Melinda - she served in the Army during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

Hillary People - Trash this Thread; Others - Consider it FYI

FOX News has a (totally justified) reputation of being a right wing propaganda machine, and that means most reasonable lefties don't pay attention to what they say.

HOWEVER, they are currently running reports from two reporters that are actually (*gasp*) ACTUAL VERIFIABLE NEWS. The two have been getting scoops left and right about this email business. I am going to share some of their stories which can be VERIFIED and briefly explain why anyone actually paying attention to this email business is thinking things aren't looking good for Hillary Clinton. If even the thought of FOX being right about anything makes you vomit a little, just trash the thread now.

1) She lied about her (first 30,000) emails not containing classified information. The PDF from the (independent) Inspector General letter to Congress is available below (so you can decide whether to believe Hillary, or your lying eyes).

Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, classified programs, January 19, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton's emails on her unsecured, homebrew server contained intelligence from the U.S. government's most secretive and highly classified programs, according to an unclassified letter from a top inspector general to senior lawmakers.

Fox News exclusively obtained the unclassified letter, sent Jan. 14 from Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III. It laid out the findings of a recent comprehensive review by intelligence agencies that identified "several dozen" additional classified emails -- including specific intelligence known as "special access programs" (SAP).

That indicates a level of classification beyond even “top secret,” the label previously given to two emails found on her server, and brings even more scrutiny to the presidential candidate’s handling of the government’s closely held secrets.

“To date, I have received two sworn declarations from one [intelligence community] element. These declarations cover several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the confidential, secret, and top secret/sap levels,” said the IG letter to lawmakers with oversight of the intelligence community and State Department. “According to the declarant, these documents contain information derived from classified IC element sources.”

(more at link)

2) The FBI is already working with the DOJ on a *criminal* investigation into the email situation. The Attorney General of the United States testified about this to Congress in February.

Lynch confirms career Justice Department attorneys involved in Clinton email probe, February 25, 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirmed to Congress Wednesday that career Justice Department attorneys are working with FBI agents on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices and the handling of classified material.
Lynch replied, "...that matter is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents, FBI agents as well as the career independent attorneys in the Department of Justice. They follow the evidence, they look at the law and they'll make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate," She confirmed that the FBI criminal investigation is ongoing, and no recommendation or referral on possible charges had been made to her.
(more at link)

The AG's testimony can be viewed here: http://www.c-span.org/video/?405232-1/attorney-general-loretta-lynch-testimony-fiscal-year-2017-budget but I don't see the word "criminal" in it, so bear that in mind.

3) One of the issues is HOW things that didn't belong on email got there - these two got a mini-scoop there, too.

FBI investigating if Clinton aides shared passwords to access classified info, March 3, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The FBI is investigating whether computer passwords were shared among Hillary Clinton's close aides to determine how sensitive intelligence "jumped the gap" between the classified systems and Clinton's unsecured personal server, according to an intelligence source familiar with the probe.

The source emphasized to Fox News that “if (Clinton) was allowing other people to use her passwords, that is a big problem.” The Foreign Service Officers Manual prohibits the sharing of passwords.
Most of these scenarios would require a password. And all of these practices would be strictly prohibited under non-disclosure agreements signed by Clinton and others, and federal law.
(more at link)

4) But have no fear - the guy who might have the answers has already been given immunity (which usually doesn't happen unless a grand jury has been convened).

Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, 'devastating witness', March 11, 2016

Former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a key witness in the email probe who struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department, has told the FBI a range of details about how her personal email system was set up, according to an intelligence source close to the case who called him a “devastating witness.”

The source said Pagliano told the FBI who had access to the former secretary of state’s system – as well as when – and what devices were used, amounting to a roadmap for investigators.

"Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Clinton's] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized," the intelligence source said.

The source, who is not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, said Pagliano has provided information allowing investigators to knit together the emails with other evidence, including images of Clinton on the road as secretary of state.
(more at link)

Let that sink in - they are using PICTURES OF HER USING HER BLACKBERRY WHILE ON TRIPS TO GET EMAIL as evidence she wasn't "being cautious" about classified stuff. (That's what a date-and-time stamp will do to you - yikes!)

5) Reporters have to build relationships, and these ladies have been doing it for a while. I actually trust the FBI about this stuff, and this story from January (which I missed because I wasn't paying attention back then) details out why that seems like a good idea:

FBI going 'right to the source' in Clinton email probe, interviewing intel agencies, January 26, 2016

The FBI is going straight to the source in its investigation of classified emails that crossed Hillary Clinton’s personal server, speaking with the intelligence agencies – and in some cases, the individuals – that generated the information, two intelligence sources familiar with the probe told Fox News.

Investigators are meeting with the agencies and individuals to determine the classification level in the emails. The step speaks to the diligence with which the bureau is handling the investigation, despite the former secretary of state’s claims that the matter boils down to a mere interagency dispute.

"This is not merely a difference of opinion between the State Department and the Department of Justice," one intelligence source, who is not authorized to speak on the record, told Fox News, referring to comments on the Sunday talk shows and by the Clinton campaign downplaying the FBI's investigation. "The bureau will go directly to depose specific individuals in agencies who generated the highly classified materials."

The source added, "At the end of the day it will be a paper case. Emails never disappear because computers never forget.”
(more at link)

The way I understand it, there are actually THREE issues with "Hillary's Email" (and none of them are good):
1) improper handling of government records, including those classified (keeping them in your personal basement is basically "criminally stupid";

2) FOIA issues and possible perjury/attempted destruction of government records (she deleted half of them claiming they were "personal" but turned out they were backed up "on the cloud"/the FBI has them and shockingly she didn't just delete personal stuff); and

3) the CONTENT which includes not reporting lobbying by a foreign interest (Blumenthal), not reporting security "breaches" by Blumenthal and communication between Clinton Foundation "donors" that looks like "pay to play" for some of their clients -- which is probably where the "public corruption" stuff is coming from.

But I am *totally* willing to wait for the FBI summary of their YEAR LONG INVESTIGATION.

Most people don't know this, but the FBI usually doesn't spend time investigating "things that aren't crimes". The DOJ has stated they don't want to release any of the "newly discovered" emails because

Judge Rejects DoJ's Classified Court Filing on Clinton E-mails, April 20, 2016

The agency has maintained that releasing any new information could harm its investigation.

and they (the lawyers from the DOJ) have until April 26, 2016 to either "start releasing" or convince a judge with a "better" brief, so hopefully this whole episode will be resolved soon.

Yeah, I know: FOX News. "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". Etc. Whatever. Sometimes "news" is actually that - NEWS.

But it seems VERY STRANGE to be using that term with "FOX!"

Remember the "DNC Data Breach"? I have questions.

At multiple points last year, both sides could "see" the other side's "confidential" data on the DNC system. The BERNIE side reported it multiple times; the HILLARY side did not. The BERNIE side began testing and documenting -- when they TURNED THAT IN, they were accused of having CHEATED and DENIED ACCESS UNTIL THEY SUED.

The logic of having TURNED THE EVIDENCE AGAINST THEMSELVES IN TO PROVE THERE WAS A BREACH was "flipped" in the Hillary supporter camp as "look, they cheated because they could see the data" -- no "security team" from DNC IT *EVER* NOTICED THE BREACH.

I do not believe that lawsuit was dropped, but I would bet that any records validating downloads of "Bernie" information by "not Bernie people" was cleaned up. (That is me being cynical and pure speculation.)

An interesting test would be for the Bernie people to compare who they contacted (verified Registered Democrats, per the DNC last summer) versus "proven recently purged voters". The HILLARY team should do the same comparison. Brain surgery is not required to do that type of analysis and the results should show if there is any apparent pattern with those data systems.

Last, the DNC IT team should hire some REPUTABLE OUTSIDE Security Experts to verify whether or not there ever was or has been an "outside security breach" because if they have a list of "regular Democratic voters" and that list is being used by non- Democrats to identify and cage voters in the upcoming November election, *that* is something that needs to be fixed NOW.

I am a Bernie supporter, but my first allegiance is to this country. If our electoral system is being compromised or even if there is an APPEARANCE of impropriety that endangers my country.

Election integrity matters. Every vote should count, no matter who the vote is cast for -- and I *expect* ALL CANDIDATES to support investigation of any issues.

To All "Rule Loving" Hillary People: Remember Your Comments Come Indictment Time

According to you --

The rules apply to everyone. If you can't figure out the rules, bad things happen. Rules shouldn't be changed because someone doesn't like them. Etc.

I am a firm believer in Karmic Justice. I want you to bookmark every single self-righteous comment you have made about "stupid people" who "don't know the rules and want to change them".

And then I want you to remember that WHEN (not IF) Hillary faces CRIMINAL CHARGES for her actions during her tenure as Secretary of State --

Go read your posts again, because it will apply TO HER WAY MORE than it will apply to the people trying to vote today.

Cassandra Out.

Was I the only one who missed the "public corruption" leak in January?


FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track, FOX News, January 11, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as secretary of state has expanded to look at whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation work and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws, three intelligence sources not authorized to speak on the record told Fox News.

This new investigative track is in addition to the focus on classified material found on Clinton’s personal server.

"The agents are investigating the possible intersection of Clinton Foundation donations, the dispensation of State Department contracts and whether regular processes were followed," one source said.


"No, there’s nothing like that that is happening," Clinton said, according to a tweet from Jacobs.

Experts including a former senior FBI agent said the bureau does not have to notify the subject of an investigation.

(more at link)

Special thanks to a new DUer who posted an information dense piece with tons of backup links (originally with a misleading title) that can be read below. The article details out MULTIPLE crimes that appear to have been committed. Just a snip about the "upgrade the server" situation is pretty damning....



More so, once the FBI approached Platte River Networks to retrieve Clinton’s original server, there are reports that employees at the company began to fear a cover-up . The company reportedly received a letter from Clinton Executive Service Corp instructing them to “cut the back up”.

The employees did not do so and the FBI has now recovered deleted emails which they considered to contain work-related information. This debunks her claim, which she made under the penalty of perjury, that she turned over all her work-related emails to the State Department.
Depending on the nature of these recovered e-mails, she could be charged with tampering of evidence, lying to federal officials, and an obstruction of justice.

The key words are "could" and "if" -- the facts may be becoming clearer, but "what happens next" is speculation until the FBI and the DOJ finish their work. The author concludes:

However, there is a legitimate case to be made for criminal charges against Clinton which warrant time in prison by law. But the FBI can only issue a recommendation, it’s the decision of the Department of Justice to prosecute Clinton on these charges. There have been reports that FBI Director James Comey would resign in protest if Attorney General Loretta Lynch declines to prosecute the case. We also can’t rule out the possibility of an official pardon from President Barack Obama, who said this week that Clinton did not “intentionally put America in jeopardy.”


(C)areer Justice Department attorneys have been assigned to the case. When Attorney General Loretta Lynch was asked when the investigation would be wrapped up she said, “That matter is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents, as well as career independent attorneys in the Department of Justice.” This is almost indisputable proof that the FBI probe has at least progressed beyond the initial referral. Why would the Department of Justice bring in their own attorneys if the FBI wasn’t going to recommend further action? DOJ agents are now likely using the government’s full investigative tool box – including subpoena power for individuals, business or phone records, as well as witnesses, to create their case against Hillary Clinton. FBI Director James Comey himself will interview Clinton and her aides in the next few days. Second, Lynch would not answer whether or not a grand jury has been assembled yet. If there was no grand jury being convened, Lynch would have likely said so to quell rumors that she will be indicted. If a grand jury is meeting to discuss evidence, she would not legally be allowed to comment on it.

Things look like they will be coming to a head soon.

Bernie Met the Pope/Hapless Hillary Sends Innocents to War & Death

Remember last week when President Obama said these things about Hillary?


"She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy."


"I continue to believe she has not jeopardized America's national security," Obama defended Clinton.

He was talking about her "carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned" but it looks like this isn't the first time Hapless Hillary has messed up on something major.

For those who don't remember, Hillary was a supporter of the "Iraqi War Resolution" which meant we attacked a country that posed no danger to ours so we could steal their oil. While most of us know this already, "proof" has finally come out.


Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Zero Justification

Now that document has been declassified and it reveals that there was virtually zero justification for the Iraq war. The document reveals that there was “no operational tie between Saddam and al Qaeda” and no WMD programs.

The report reveals that the intelligence community and the US Department of Energy did not think Saddam was pursuing any type of WMD program, and was instead developing rocket motors....

Countless lives destroyed and millions of dollars wasted -- but did Hillary know?


"But if Clinton’s claim that “I had acted in good faith” passes muster, her assertion that she “made the best decision I could with the information I had” does not. Prior to Clinton’s October 10, 2002 speech from the Senate floor explaining her Iraq vote, the Bush administration sent over two documents to the Senate for review. The first was a 92-page, classified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The second was a five-page, unclassified version."


Let's be fair - reading 92 pages of material is A LOT OF WORK to ask a sitting Senator to do, when instead she can read and regurgitate the 5-page cliff note version. And Bush Junior was bound and determined to topple Saddam for "dissing his daddy" or some such nonsense, so could Hillary Clinton, former First Lady and New York Senator, have possibly STOPPED THAT INSANITY?

Could she have used her personal prestige and influence to save hundreds of thousands of lives?

We will never know because she didn't even try. Instead, she jumped on the war bandwagon and joined the Republican Rah-Rah chorus.


Impossible things happen when people actually TRY - see "Bernie and the Pope" for an example - but if someone doesn't have the morals, ethics and values that come with caring about whether or not other people will die if you don't TRY they do not belong in the White House.

Oooh! Bernie said rich people buying elections is oligarchy/not democracy!

No wonder the Hillary people are so upset - he nailed it!


12:10 p.m.

Bernie Sanders is being peppered with questions from academics and ecclesiastics at the Vatican, giving the Democratic presidential hopeful a chance to expand on core campaign messages about the need to reform banking regulations, campaign finance rules and higher education.

After his initial speech Friday, Sanders was treated as something of the eminence grise of the United States, answering the questions of conference participants from around the globe.

Host Bishop Marcello Sanchez Sorondo kicked off the questioning, drawing out Sanders on his praise of Pope Francis and their shared condemnation of income inequality.

Sanders said: "We don't choose to politicize the pope ... But his spirit and courage and the fact, if I may say so here, that his words have gone way, way, way beyond the Catholic Church."

The Jewish candidate called the situation of public education in America "beyond disgraceful" and denounced campaign finance regulations that allow the wealthy to buy their way into office.

He said: "Is that really democracy? My view it is not. It's a move toward oligarchy."

The link is being updated regularly with the events of the trip.

Oh, and for those like myself who don't know what an "eminence grise" is, it means "a person who exercises power or influence in a certain sphere without holding an official position" - I looked it up.

This is delicious! Anyone else want some?

I am so PROUD Bernie Sanders is using his bully pulpit publicity so well!

Walking on the picket line was amazing; calling out Verizon on trying to take healthcare away from workers and send jobs to oversea call centers was great.

But actually making a Vatican inspired conference on economic justice into something being covered by mainstream media --

Who honestly believed these issues would be a part of the political discussion during an election cycle?

I just witnessed on the livestream MSNBC coverage Senator Sanders SHOVE Jeffrey Sachs in front of the cameras.

This guy - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Sachs - in front of cameras from all over the world.

And you KNOW the reporters now are just ITCHING to get into that conference.

And it's a conference about economic morality and making the world a better place for everyone.

Let them fight for it - let these issues be discussed.

Thank you, Senator Sanders. You are NOT a normal political person, and I am grateful beyond words for that fact.

I have a dream --- share it with me!

Bernie Sanders is elected President.

Since Congress has refused to begin hearings on President Obama's nominee, Senator Sanders requests President Obama withdraw his nominee.

Under protest, President Obama complies.

President Sanders announces his nomination for the Supreme Court: former President Barack Obama.

And the crowd goes WILD!!!!!!
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