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Member since: Sun Jul 25, 2004, 06:43 AM
Number of posts: 6,432

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Rachel Maddow is talking about authoritarian governments and it is scaring me.

Trump is an example of what leaders do to gain power for life. What he is doing here is what and how they all do to obtain complete control over a government.

I don't care for the interviewer of Joe Biden on CNN

I will leave it to others to voice their opinion. I feel she is trying to trap him into saying a gotcha type of response.

Why do the Trump protesters always have to wrap themselves head to toe with the American flag?

And as if that is not enough they shout USA, USA while excessively waving the American Flag. I see this and I see Trumpers who sicken me so much I won't even buy stamps with the flag on it. Traitors to our American principles, everyone of them.

Thank you for the lovely surprise of a new heart today.

House Judiciary Committee hearing to review impeachment evidence starting soon

Tom Brokaw is an asshole. Just said on Andrea Mitchel's show there is not enough grounds for


Has Trump declared himself a God yet. The Emperor Caligula thought he was so wonderful he had

himself declared God. Just watched "I Claudius" for the second time and I saw Trump behaving just like Caligula. Great movie. Last saw it many, many years ago.

Trump just threatened Iran with the use of "the Ultimate Option"

I would guess that means Nuclear

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