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Bernardo de La Paz

Bernardo de La Paz's Journal
Bernardo de La Paz's Journal
August 25, 2023

Good news, but surprising to hear "Freedom" caucus guy saying "trust the judges/jurors/courts"

The standard go-to of the hard right (example "Freedom" caucus) is to claim everyone is corrupt except themselves and tRump.

  • Can we call them stupid? (almost always)
  • Can we claim they have been bought off with cash?
  • Can we claim they are otherwise also corrupt?
  • Can we claim they are evil-doers/psychopaths?
  • Can we claim they are minions of Soros/Gates/Fauci/WEF/Illuminati?
  • Can we claim they are Deep State / swampy?
  • Can we claim they are satanic minions of the devil?

August 21, 2023

Always backup and archive files, with a copy off-site, preferably not in the cloud

Cloud is fine for active stuff, and can be a second backup / archive, but it is out of your control and may disappear at any time. Twitter/X is an example of a cloud storage.

The basic rule is three copies of every file: #1 on device, #2 on backup at hand in the building, #3 offsite, such as in a safe-deposit box or in safekeeping with a friend or family member miles away. Every couple of months after backing up on #2, swap #2 with #3 and refresh #3.

If your house burns down you lose #1 and #2, but have #3, if number 3 is far enough away not to be caught up in the same wild-fire.

Archiving is a separate issue from backup. The purpose of an archive is to have a permanent copy of files because if you accidentally delete a file or a file gets damaged, after a while it will be missing from the backups or they will all have a damaged copy of the file. With an archive, you have a good chance of restoring the file.

Every few years, make two complete copies of all files that can be found and put one off-site. Never update the archive, like you refresh the backups.

August 1, 2023

Better get taxes in place for ultrarich now. Wealth & income inequality already very bad

AI has the potential to give humanity tremendous prosperity, but with the current setup, there will be billions out of work with no job prospects and the ultra-rich will be much richer again.

AI is very sustainable, but massive unemployment and even worse wealth and income inequality situation is completely unsustainable. Without fixing it will lead to terrible revolutions.

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