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Bernardo de La Paz

Bernardo de La Paz's Journal
Bernardo de La Paz's Journal
December 16, 2017

Easier to fire Mueller if tRump can get the RepubliCONgress to declare "nothingburger".

It's not going to work, though. Trump-Russia is too big, too massive.

The worst thing RepubliCons could do is shut down their investigations and/or absolve the Trump gang. Democrats (if they are active and efficient) can increase the toxicity levels for 2018 so that the RepubliCons are in a lose-lose-maybe_so_so triple bind: Lose if they clear tRump, lose if they don't impeach him, maybe do so-so if they do impeach / 25th him. And Pence too, while they are at it.

Trump-Russia is proof by example of why the larger the conspiracy the harder it is to hide it. Something that 9-11 "truthers" need to be reminded of.

But the Cover-up conspiracy between the WH and Nunes and Fox "News" seeks to discredit Mueller.

So the Trumpster WH are hoping they can get a double-whammy knockout punch: 1) RepubliCONgress absolution and "complete" discrediting of Mueller as staging a "coup", then they fire him and anyone who dares appoint a successor.

But it won't work. At the very least, the Democratic members will issue a dissenting report. The free media will second it and cement it with leaks of facts and information from the Intelligence Community and foreign Intelligence services.

December 4, 2017

That's what RAISES THE ECONOMY! NOT jacking up real estate & art prices!

When the 1% get tax cuts they don't create new companies. They already have money working on all the opportunities they can find. They can't find any more opportunities.

But the little people start lots of small companies and that's where you find the innovation. Not from the safe money.

The 1% spend tax cuts on real estate and art investments, which is (pardon the expression) a circle jerk raising prices for those kind of items without increasing any productivity!

When people buy more booze, there have to be more trucks and truck drivers to move that. More farmers to grow hops and malt. More baristas to serve it. All that creates jobs and puts money in motion.

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