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Bernardo de La Paz

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Member since: Fri Jul 16, 2004, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 46,756

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Canadian who lived for many years in Northern California and left a bit of my heart there. (note to self: https: //images.dailykos.com/images/1043361/original/2016.09.19_sunflowers_header.jpg . https://i.imgur.com/1VKgdmc.jpeg DeScanty Deceive DeceiveUs Desperate Descend DesertUs DestroyUS Deciduous Déclassé Decline Declawed Decompose Decolorize Discomfort Discount Decrease Devoid Discolor Discard Discord Derp Derpish Ditched Defaced Dessicated Defecates Defects Deficient Defussy Daesh Despicable DeSaster )

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Sure he did, but his hate was aimed at minorities and others he BLAMED, so he didn't see it as hate

The Reich Wing (LimpBots and magats) think that their premises are facts because they always search for confirmation and nod at each other in confirmation of talking points. And then it becomes not-hate because it is "just the facts". So they don't hear it as hate, not at all, just simple neutral blame.

When limpballs and others call migrants "illegal alien criminals", as they do call them, listeners hear it as blame. Everybody blames illegality. Sucker conservatives fear "alien" stuff: the other. Everybody blames criminals.

So the phrase "illegal alien criminals" is swallowed without question.

It's called "framing". Paint an ugly picture, give it an ugly name and you have manufactured a blame-target.

The talking points of course are the propaganda, and they are generated by the likes of Limpbaugh and Reich Wing think tanks and some influencers like Jack Posobiec and Sundunce (Sundance at Conservative Tree House) and Ruzzian web brigades. As propaganda, they are cherry-picked factoids, deliberately misinterpreted data, and fakes like the fake digital message displayed Thursday at the attempted impeachment hearings.

By time it gets ingested by the suckers (of which there are many) and below average intelligentsia (of which there are 50%) it has the feel of truth but none of the substance. If you ask a magat why they think J6 was a false flag operation, they will vomit up Ray Epps and say he was an FBI plant that incited the whole thing with a bullhorn there on the day. Dig a bit deeper, asking how do you know Epps was FBI, they will say things like "It's obvious" since they don't know or will employ circular reasoning if you follow it enough. If you actually get them to look it up, their factoids are debunked by respectable media, but they have been pre-conditioned to disbelieve everything from mainstream media, because they believe they are bought and paid for by the Deep State.

Potemkin factoids and Deep State all-purpose bogeyman who is everywhere.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sat Sep 30, 2023, 01:24 PM (0 replies)

Good news, but surprising to hear "Freedom" caucus guy saying "trust the judges/jurors/courts"

The standard go-to of the hard right (example "Freedom" caucus) is to claim everyone is corrupt except themselves and tRump.

  • Can we call them stupid? (almost always)
  • Can we claim they have been bought off with cash?
  • Can we claim they are otherwise also corrupt?
  • Can we claim they are evil-doers/psychopaths?
  • Can we claim they are minions of Soros/Gates/Fauci/WEF/Illuminati?
  • Can we claim they are Deep State / swampy?
  • Can we claim they are satanic minions of the devil?

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Fri Aug 25, 2023, 11:18 AM (0 replies)

Always backup and archive files, with a copy off-site, preferably not in the cloud

Cloud is fine for active stuff, and can be a second backup / archive, but it is out of your control and may disappear at any time. Twitter/X is an example of a cloud storage.

The basic rule is three copies of every file: #1 on device, #2 on backup at hand in the building, #3 offsite, such as in a safe-deposit box or in safekeeping with a friend or family member miles away. Every couple of months after backing up on #2, swap #2 with #3 and refresh #3.

If your house burns down you lose #1 and #2, but have #3, if number 3 is far enough away not to be caught up in the same wild-fire.

Archiving is a separate issue from backup. The purpose of an archive is to have a permanent copy of files because if you accidentally delete a file or a file gets damaged, after a while it will be missing from the backups or they will all have a damaged copy of the file. With an archive, you have a good chance of restoring the file.

Every few years, make two complete copies of all files that can be found and put one off-site. Never update the archive, like you refresh the backups.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Mon Aug 21, 2023, 01:06 PM (0 replies)

Better get taxes in place for ultrarich now. Wealth & income inequality already very bad

AI has the potential to give humanity tremendous prosperity, but with the current setup, there will be billions out of work with no job prospects and the ultra-rich will be much richer again.

AI is very sustainable, but massive unemployment and even worse wealth and income inequality situation is completely unsustainable. Without fixing it will lead to terrible revolutions.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Tue Aug 1, 2023, 05:01 PM (1 replies)

Hate comes because RW Authoritarian Followers don't introspect. They look outward for blaming

Especially magats.

If something goes wrong, it's never because they made a bad decision or joined a stupid cult or weren't competent enough. Somebody else is to blame and can be hated.

If they can't afford a new $80k truck this year, it must be poor migrants stealing jobs. Never mind the illogic that poor migrants don't pull in enough money to afford a $10k used truck. Not when they are starting out.

If their kid didn't get into the college of their choice, it wasn't because they told their kid it is excusable to have a math block. It's because of Affirmative Action and DEI.

If their leader they adulate and pledge allegiance to is indicted multiple times, it's not him for criming and it's not them for following. It's the Deep State emulating a banana republic.

If they can't impose their religious beliefs on drag queens, doctors, birth control and librarians, it's not their concept of American rights that is backwards. It's the godless heathens imposing their sinful ways on god-fearing christians.

Hate is especially hot when it is jacked up and amped up by big money political influencers and third party disruptors and foreign bad actors.

Hate comes from looking outward for somebody to blame. RWAF and magats find it much more comfortable than looking inward.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Tue Jul 25, 2023, 10:49 AM (0 replies)

Needs to be done. Ugly history needs visibility or else it repeats

Ugly history is not exposed and taught to shame anybody living, most especially if main participants are dead.

Ugly history is given visibility so that it is recognized as mistakes that should not be repeated.

If anybody is in the act of, or in the process of, repeating ugly history, then they should be first taught, so that they know and then shamed. If it is obvious that they should know (elected person, post-secondary education, leadership role, etc.) then they should be shamed right off. But not by grade school teachers, for example.

We (progressives of all colours) get it that (especially) white people feel sometimes (some of them feel it oftentimes), feel sometimes that they are being blamed for the actions of dead people, especially when reparations are discussed and when grade school curricula are being discussed. Reparations are a thorny issue but grade school curricula is not inherently thorny. Only when adult perceptions and grievances are layered over facts does it get contentious.

Adult feelings do not trump facts.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sun Jul 23, 2023, 07:38 AM (0 replies)

He needs to be alive to be convicted so that other wanna-be despots don't try the same thing

tRump skated all his life and thought he could slide through this one too.

If he dies before he is convicted, magats will gain followers by saying he was murdered before he could prove his innocence.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Fri Jul 21, 2023, 05:11 PM (0 replies)

It would be election interference to delay it. Voters have a right to information, especially trial

Trial info is the best, because it is under penalty of perjury, and is cross-examined.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sat Jul 15, 2023, 03:11 PM (0 replies)

Adrenochrome is synthesized. Nobody killing children; big magat handler need to manufacture outrage

Artificially produced since 1952 (synthesis) or 1965 (manufacture):

Schayer, Richard W. (1952). "Synthesis of dl-Adrenalin-β-C14 and dl-Adrenochrome-β-C14". Journal of the American Chemical Society. ACS Publications. 74 (9): 2441. doi:10.1021/ja01129a531. Archived from the original on 25 October 2022. Retrieved 25 October 2022.

"Method of synthesizing adrenochrome monoaminoguanidine". Google Patents. 1965. Archived from the original on 16 October 2021. Retrieved 25 October 2022.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Sat Jul 15, 2023, 03:08 PM (1 replies)

It might be, might be, good if tRump is GOP nominee at convention and convicted a week later

At some point, tRump will be

A) Indicted nominee.

B) Convicted nominee.

C) Shut out of GOP and running a MAGAt party third-party campaign.

None of those scenarios is good for GOP. Their best hope is that he is convicted before the convention so that they can shut him out.

If he is convicted between the convention and the Nov 2024 election, while their nominee, that would probably be the worst for the GOP. They would not be able to dump him and shove in a different nominee without tortuous convulsions.

There is a significant possibility that the Grumpy Old People party might become a dead-man-walking party after 2024.

Posted by Bernardo de La Paz | Tue Jul 11, 2023, 09:02 AM (1 replies)
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