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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 07:58 PM
Number of posts: 39,405

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Since Dems finally are acknowledging Republican political crimes, what about Rove & Siegelman?

If Obama pardoned Siegelman and let the AG investigate and indict Karl Rove for his various crimes to cripple the democratic process, and instead of doing it quietly, giving a speech about it, it could make it a lot harder for Republicans to do these dirty tricks in the future.

And to give it the Obama touch, he could leave the words "Republican" and "Democrat" completely out of it.

Democrats unwillingness to act on this kind of stuff has been surreal. It is as if zombies were eating their children and their response is to say, "I have some policies differences with them."

THIS MODERN WORLD TOON on Chris Christie: A Typical Day

This pretty much removes all doubt of where this scandal will end up.

If you were Edward Snowden and were offered a pardon or clemency by the US would you come home?

RAVITCH: Why Aren’t Elite Prep Schools Following Corporate Reforms?

This is the most obvious evidence that corporate education reform has more to do with corporate profits than educating our kids: the best prep schools, where the "reformers" send their kids, don't do it.

Why do we continue to let the sociopaths on Wall Street commodify our kids and almost literally chase teachers out of the classroom?

Isn't it time to call bullshit to politicians faces and chase them out of office if they keep backing this.

A lot of Obama's policies can be defended as the best he good do given the opposition, but on education "reform," he can't blame Republicans for twisting his arm, and it will be a stain on his presidency that will be fully his responsibility.

This is a terrific article about the elite prep schools and the fact that they do not follow the "reforms" that are now pushed by the U.S. Department of Education, the Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation, and other corporate reformers.

Here are some quotes from the article:

Go ahead and do an online search of the country’s top prep schools, or check out this list from Forbes. Peruse some of the school websites and do a search for anything that mainstream education reformers suggest we implement in your neighborhood public school. Try, for example, common core state standards. How about data-driven instruction? Or, what about two weeks worth of mandated high-stakes, standardized state tests, preceded by weeks, if not months, of benchmarks, short-cyles, and pre-assessments?

Are they likely to hire teachers without advanced degrees?

Check out the proportion of teachers at those schools who possess advanced degrees. At Horace Mann in the Bronx—where 36 percent of students are accepted at an Ivy League school, Stanford, or MIT—94 percent of the teachers have advanced degrees. Now, who was it that said rewarding teachers with advanced degrees is a waste of money? Ah yes, our Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. How far do you think Mr. Duncan’s argument would get with parents who examine a potential school's "Ivy/MIT/Stanford pipeline" percentage score? Not very far.

So why are the prep schools avoiding Duncan's great ideas?

If the reforms mandated by Departments of Education and fawned over by upstart think-tankers were as fantastic as advised again and again, then you can bet that every single one of the country's best prep schools would be implementing them as rapidly as possible.They're not, and you shouldn't accept them either.


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