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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 05:18 PM
Number of posts: 3,564

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Google Finally Confirms Security Problem For 1.5 Billion Gmail And Calendar Users

As a rule, one should own and maintain a "banking only" laptop, kept updated, with AV installed - and NEVER used for ANYTHING but accessing your crucial remote online accounts (brokerage, banks, NOT Facebook, Twitter etc).

NEVER used for email, nor apps, nor anything else but the web browser. Make no searches, nor click links or download things.

The sites you visit are never from clicking links, except bookmarks you've MANUALLY created.

Use the native browser, and no added plugins.

Passwords should be maintained in a secure offline password utility. Log into sites by only using the password utility, never save access info in the web browser.

How does the Google Calendar attack work?

Gmail users are finding themselves on the wrong end of a sophisticated scam which leverages misplaced trust through the use of malicious and unsolicited Google Calendar notifications.

Google Calendar allows anyone to schedule a meeting with you, and Gmail is built to integrate tightly with this calendaring functionality. Combine these two facts and users find themselves in a situation whereby the threat actor can use this non-traditional attack vector to bypass the increasing amount of awareness amongst average users when it comes to the danger of clicking unsolicited links.


What we now know - "Sleep Is Your Superpower" (TedTalk)

Very informative discussion on what is currently known and suspected, on the function and importance on sleep.

For example, did you know that every year, at the daylight savings time change, in the Spring heart attacks spike 25% and in the Fall it drops similarly ?

If, during the night, you don't get the right kind of sleep, the next day your capacity to learn will be severely impacted. And much of what you learned the day before will be lost.

Premature death and even Alzheimer's is strongly suspected to be impacted by our sleeping habits.

Some good tips near the end on ways to help.

Note to jury: Please don't delete this. During these politically tumultuous times, we need all the help we can get in dealing with the stress of the monster in the White House.

Bob Weir, the indelible guitarist of the Grateful Dead, will not rest. (GQ piece)

King Weir

The long strange trip lives on.

The music will never stop.

"...Sometime later, he saw a photo of an ancestor. “He had a full-on Yosemite Sam mustache. I said to myself, ‘That's a look that's fallen from favor for the past 150 years or so. I'm just the guy to bring it back.’ ” It is possible that Weir's tongue is in his cheek, but it is hard to tell. On account of all the beard."


Then Weir tells the story about the night Jerry Garcia died. ... Sometime in the early-morning hours, Weir had a dream about Garcia: “He had a real sort of intense look in his eye,” Weir says. “He looked straight at me, and then through me”—and here he adds the new part—“and then he stepped into me.”


He is a living piece of musical and countercultural history, for starters one of the few humans to have been on the bill at the Mythologized Boomer Trifecta of the Monterey Pop Festival, Woodstock, and Altamont. Kesey gave him acid; Neal Cassady gave him driving lessons; the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave him the mantra he still uses to meditate daily.


It's Not Just Measles. What You Should Know About Vaccines For Adults:

I really hate shots, never even gotten a flu shot before.

But I will follow the advice in this NPR piece...


We're used to kids needing lots of shots to ward off lots of illnesses, but what about adults? The CDC recommends (link) that adults get multiple vaccines for conditions ranging from tetanus to influenza to cervical cancer. The shots can be a bit trickier to keep track of, as many adults go to the doctor less frequently than kids do, but those vaccinations are equally important for staying healthy.

"Many adults are not aware of what vaccines they actually need," says Dr. Pamela Rockwell, an associate professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan who works with the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. "That is also balanced by physician unawareness of what vaccines they should be recommending. It's gotten very complicated, and it is difficult to keep up with all the changes."


Thank you for sharing your stream of remembrances and reflections

I guess it's no surprise that we become more reflective and wax philosophical as our turn at life slowly winds down.

I catch myself often doing this more and more lately

So many of the clichés I've heard repeated over the decades, like "youth is wasted on the young" etc - they all make so much sense now lol. But so does realizing the futility of trying to help them young'uns from repeating my own past mistakes.

In the end, we're left with the hope that our species will wise up fast enough to survive the future's challenges awaiting it.

We need a miracle everyday.

Epic collage of hypocrisy sound bites jabbing Obama but destroy Pres Bonespurs !!

I confess, I only made it 50% of the way thru - had to kill it - I was feeling that boiling sensation building up...

Maybe there are others here today with stronger fortitude and feeling the need to simmer some more.

These are toxic times y'all


(Note: posted media is twitter video, if anyone finds the youTube I'll update this post)

Why These Four Presidents ? (inspiring reminder of just WHAT made us great to start with!)

I personally found the linked page below to be a nice, cathartic quick read.
A perfect - if brief - distraction from these gloomy times we're all enduring.

Gutzon Borglum selected these four presidents because from his perspective, they represented the most important events in the history of the United States. Would another artist at that time, or perhaps a modern artist choose differently? As you read more about Borglum's choices, think about what you might have done if the decision was up to you.

"We act not for ourselves but for the whole human race. The event of our experiment is to show whether man can be trusted with self-government."
-Thomas Jefferson


Happy Time Break - Project One Life - 100 Dancing Strangers FTW

I can only take so much of you know what...
I had to take a short happy break, maybe good for you too ?!!

This video is a short (3m) fun watch, from a most
interesting fellow with a most delightful hobby !!

Rejuvenate your joy coffers, with a...

Dancing Around The World With Random Strangers !!!

Hopefully, this will bring a few brief smiles into being this fine weekend

Matt's site: https://www.wheretheheckismatt.com
Project One Life's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectOneLife

To the Jury: This is a video promoting World Peace, please don't delete my post.

The Internet has failed - Important warnings regarding social media abuse and our future

Whew !!

This was a hard-hitting read, I'm compelled to share this forward with DU.

I was an early evangelist of the nascent internet back in the 90's, and reading this was a sobering and troubling read. Tho I've been coming to realize of the recent years, something's very wrong been going on, now abundantly clear with the CA/Russian/Trump debacle of 2016.

This presentation from SXSW keynote really breaks it down, but also lays out a plan and path to redemption

This should be required reading for all of us !!

In The New Yorker’s Feb. 25, 2019 report titled “Private Mossad for Hire,” Uzi Shaya, a former senior Israeli intelligence officer, said, “Social media allows you to reach virtually anyone and to play with their minds. You can do whatever you want. You can be whoever you want. It’s a place where wars are fought, elections are won, and terror is promoted. There are no regulations. It is a no man’s land.”

Here is a quote from [Sir] Tim Berners-Lee, who drew the original diagram for the world wide web on a napkin, and who now has Dr. Frankenstein’s remorse.

“We demonstrated that the Web had failed instead of served humanity, as it was supposed to have done, and failed in many places. [The Web] has ended up producing—with no deliberate action of the people who designed the platform — a large-scale emergent phenomenon which is anti-human.”

By now, it is clear that what was begun as a mission to connect and unite mankind has mutated into a pernicious distortion machine that has disconnected mankind and put us at each other’s throats, and in doing so has destroyed and is destroying institutions and knowledge that have taken centuries to develop.

To stay human, to survive as a species, we have to wrest our communications out of the control of the lust for power, the avarice, larceny, hubris, deceit and self-delusion of the heads of Google and Facebook.


One evening dining in Avalon, Catalina Island, early 80's ...

I spoke up to defend a verbally harassed waitress at a nearby table.

It escalated quickly, and I wound up demanded the sheriff be called. I'd derisively told the jerk table to "go back to Newport (Beach) where they belong," which really triggered them - as I'd hoped (young troll was I).

Needless to say, the lone officer arrives and quickly diffused the situation (boring I know).

When the inebriated asswipes all left shortly after, one of the women turned to us from the door, and shouted: "For your information, WE'RE FROM SAN FRANCISCO!!"

We all laughed quite heartily at their retreating backs.

The waitress came over and thanked us for trying to help, and we got a free dessert lol.

It was then I learned from my buddy (who was living there at the time), that the sheriff was none other than the man whom famously had crawled under Charles Manson house to make his arrest.

Apparently he'd been given the choice of working in any California precinct of his choice.

And he'd picked the sleepy little tourist town of Avalon.
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