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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 05:18 PM
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Helpful info on crypto currencies and personal data security

Recently, I've been "evangelizing" proper practices for personal data security to 100s of people from the poker table to the dinner table the last few years.

Too often I'm horrified at the lack of understanding and carelessness so many regard this important topic.

My top three harping points are:

1) Disaster Recovery - Have a data recovery plan in case of total loss of your phone, laptop, house, etc.

2) Use a dedicated, and properly maintained "banking" laptop used ONLY to visit safe websites and applications, no email, no searching, etc.

3) Digital Estate Planning - Do your care what becames of your digital assets and accounts access in the event of your incapacitation or demise ? What is your provisioning for this unwanted, and inevitable occurrence ?

Now that more people are jumping on the Cryptocurrencies bandwagon, good personal data security has become even more complex, and more important !

The blog entry below, kindly authored by the helpful Hodor, is an excellent starting point...

Good luck, and ALWAYS backup


The shocking truth about the universe - We shouldn't exist !!

In those rare moments, where I've tried to wrap my head around the vastness of the Universe, and conceive its origins, I always find myself frustrated with failing to understand why matter exists at all. I'm unable to grasp the timelessness of matter's existence, that it has no origin, that there is no "before."

Maybe, just maybe, science and technology will one day puzzle this mystery all out...

An exciting new avenue of research has opened up that could help us unlock the secrets to the universe itself.

It is the age old question about our universe, and that is why there exists anything at all. It is a question that has vexed philosophers and scientists alike since the beginning of time, and now researchers think they have come up with a rather disturbing conclusion: we should not exist at all.

There is one major problem with that conclusion, in that we do exist, and that is why the question is so intriguing. While every piece of evidence suggests that the universe should be a totally featureless expanse of nothingness, it is filled with stars and planets and even life forms capable of contemplating their own existence.

And that is where we get to the latest breakthrough. Scientists took 65 pounds of germanium, a rare isotope, and cooled it to extremely cold temperatures about a mile underground in some gold mine that has long sing been abandoned. They call it the Majorana Demonstrator, and it is located in South Dakota at the super secret Sanford Underground Research Facility.

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