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Member since: Sun Jul 11, 2004, 05:18 PM
Number of posts: 3,565

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We tried out the 2004 Jamie Lee Curtis / Tim Allen "Xmas with the Kranks" film...

"Skipping Christmas" was the teaser that reeled us in.

As that is exactly what we ourselves do every year

The movie seemed such a refreshing break, at first.

We cheered on the couple with their inspired boycott
of all things Xmas. The (small) town fought back
hard and dirty, we rooted for them to stick to their
brave and noble plan, looking forward to their
tropical cruise getaway from the cold, fake-merriment
of garish Xmas decor laden rows of houses and
the forced fake cheer of the spiteful children
and grim faced adults intent on imposing their
determined will upon the hapless (recently empty
nested) couple.

Then, appeared The Horror, in the form of a simple phone call.

We suddenly realized we'd been had, suckered into
a viewing of something we could not possibly endure
watching any further: A feel good morality lesson on
the true meaning of...

Sorry, I'm gagging. Can't say it.

Besides, Allen's acting chemistry was painfully absent
juxtaposed against the always brilliant ms Curtis' skills.


We switched over to "Kim's Convenience," an
awesome Netflix show. And enjoyed the salvaged evening.

First sighting of the inevitable headline we've been waiting for...

Maybe Palmer Report isn't the first, but I've been waiting and waiting for the first signs of the cracks leading to the final shattering. It's coming. We'll be seeing more and more of such headlines and stories very soon. I'm hoping.


Donald Trump is circling the drain and everyone around him knows it

Link to his short and ad-laden piece if you like:


I say we'll need to flush twice.

And eventually tent the whole WH structure after the BLOTUS stain has vacated - or been vacated, we'll see how it plays out.

My guess now is he'll be resigning in less than 3 months. Ugh. Then Pence. I need drugs.
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