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Member since: Mon Jul 5, 2004, 01:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,379

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George W. Bush and making mistakes

I've recently overheard a bus passenger, a "Christian", saying about George W. Bush that he is a good man who makes mistakes and should be forgiven and continues to say "I hope he gets back to running for president again."

Does violating the Constitution and invading and occupying two defenseless countries killing thousands of innocent people "mistakes"?

I've got pissed off at her but I hold my ground. Trying to ignore her. But I know that she's DEAD wrong and hopes it will come and haunt her for the rest of her life.

One of the things I hate more than life itself, is Bush apologists.

I can't access Information Clearing House

Recently, I've tried to access Information Clearing House and I've got this 403 Forbidden message.

I've tried to access the site through my Dad's laptop, then my IPod Touch WiFi Safari browser, and I've got the same thing.

I'd asked a friend in Facebook to see if he can access it on his/her computer and he/she can access it.

Is there anything you can help or suggestions?

My mom's at it again.

It's a long time since I've last post in this forum.

My mom saw me watching an anti-war article and she got bonkers again.

She complains to me that I renounced reading the bible (which I did and became an atheist) and says it's not right to read these articles I'm reading. She says I'm not going to be successful without god. And she thinks I'm going to be a terrorist believing all these anti-war articles. Like this one:


I'm just a little concerned if Congress pass some laws in the next coming months, the government will think that I'm a "terrorist" for criticizing the government and probably be put to jail. I can't trust her right now because she is stern to her beliefs and I have nowhere to turn right now.

Can anybody help me?
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