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Gender: Male
Hometown: Venice, California
Current location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Member since: Fri Jul 2, 2004, 04:55 PM
Number of posts: 16,916

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Tell me about the burden of proof...

The obvious standard is that the prosecution must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant is not required to testify. They can remain simply silent, and in the end, ask for a dismissal based on the prosecution's ability (or lack of) to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

Since Zimmerman openly admits he shot Martin, but claims it was done only in self defense, does his defense now assume some responsibility to prove those claims? Can the defense make any claim at all, and will a jury be instructed to assume such a claim is a fact?

Is there any responsibility (whether legal or merely practical) which is placed on the defense to support their version of events?

Curing Cancer with HIV

If this is a dupe, I'm sorry. I just couldn't not post this...


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