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Member since: Fri Jul 2, 2004, 11:43 AM
Number of posts: 32,076

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Can Germany boot our bigmouth jackbooted Ambassador? Yes they can.

Article 9. The host nation at any time and for any reason can declare a particular member of the diplomatic staff to be persona non grata. The sending state must recall this person within a reasonable period of time, or otherwise this person may lose their diplomatic immunity.

Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961). Retrieved from Wikipedia

Bayer Corp., who used Jewish slave labor during ww2

And was tied to the manufacture of zyklon b, is buying Monsanto and dropping the Monsanto name because it's toxic.

Think on that for a sec.

Wypipo is the new Cracker. It's divisive and clearly not in the spirit of Democratic values.

Namecalling each other used to be a violation of the tos.

Fwiw I'm multiracial.

Football players should kneel on the field and blame cte EDIT: not elehhhnas best idea.


Boom. 2 birds one stone.

**** EDIT to add: was spitballing how to do a fuck you and take a knee anyway and stay protected as an employee.

Flynn tweets and deleted international $ transaction code dgfffct


Just so sad and scared and probably (hell, definitely?) catastrophizing...

Hubs of 30+ years diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis and I'm terrified. I've watched my father die. Watched my then 14 year old enter a locked rehab ward. Watched her mourn 11 dead cohorts (teens) who didn't make it. (so far). Watched my hubs suffer with a false diagnosis of lymphoma (!)...but this has gutted me.

My employer has given me some unpaid leave for a few days - they're being very good to me.

On meds, making an appt w a therapist i feel good about, but I'm gutted.

Can't stop crying...any bump in this road and I lose it emotionally. Help?

MSnbc still employs Brian Fucking Williams, Mister Journo-liar but Joy is a problem?

What the actual hell?

Thread w/ mansplaining why Duckworth shouldn't ask for an accommodation to feed her newborn



We chip away at other's humanity until they become numbers...then ashes.

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