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Member since: Fri Jul 2, 2004, 11:43 AM
Number of posts: 32,076

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There is a man involved with every abortion.

With DNA testing and states directly taking support from their pay, where the hell are they in protesting their rights to family planning and birth control failures?!!

Breaking: Trump to nominate Fredrick Douglas to USSC


The shooters tweets


My sis escaped to Australia last year - hubs is dual citizen, tho never lived there,

And he's an engineer. Her job is portable. It's different but healthcare and education are covered. Their 11 years old adapted fast and is safe and happy. His first active shooter lockdown was in kindergarten here...

We have no options. It's distressing.

What Do We Want From White People?

One of the most consistently frustrating things about many interactions Iíve had with white allies is the constant state of nervousness, even fear, they are in when discussing anything related to race around any person of color. I often cannot help but roll my eyes when I see a white ally almost trembling, eyes panicking, as they attempt to get their words out. Itís like watching someone move through a minefield; you can just tell they are thinking through every possible step, worried constantly about the ground exploding underneath them. Itís annoying. But also who can blame them?


The children are hostages. Use proper terms please.

Look up the definition if necessary. They are hostages.

President Dead zone. Remember the movie, dead zone?

remember evil candidate Greg Stilson using a baby as a human shield? Why does this situation remind me of that?

If KJU doesn't poop, why does he bring a toilet on tour? I'm series !!1!


Kissing the asses of dictators who poison opponents wherever the fuck they please.

No words.
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