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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Current location: Florida
Member since: Wed Jun 30, 2004, 12:25 PM
Number of posts: 2,768

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Voting by mail

Is it safer? More hack proof?

I'm hoping some of the good minds here on DU can give me arguments for or against.

My husband and I vote by mail, have been doing so for years.

I'm volunteering as a canvasser and we encourage people to sign up to vote by mail.

I personally feel safer, especially in Florida.

But is it really safer?
Posted by coeur_de_lion | Fri Jul 27, 2018, 12:36 AM (32 replies)

Trump finally feels gravity's unforgiving pull

Trump’s stunning victory created such disorienting shock waves across Washington that neither Democrats nor Republicans understood what the accidental president admitted to me a month after his win.

“The election could have been held 20 different times, but that was probably the one day I would have won,” the president-elect said in December 2016. “Everything came together at once.”

The resulting political horror show produced daily by Trump has left journalists and politicians reeling but has failed to alter a few basic rules of politics:

First, presidents with approval ratings in the low 40s lose their majorities in Congress. Second, kowtowing to ex-KGB agents erodes support with registered independents. Third, lying about payoffs to a porn star and a Playboy model rarely helps with swing-state voters.

Like the multitude of mere mortals who faced voters before him, Trump may finally be feeling gravity’s unforgiving pull as one summer scandal bleeds into another. A recent Quinnipiac University poll put the president’s approval rating at 38 percent. More troubling for Trump’s quislings in Congress should be the political beating Midwest voters are dishing out on the politician they helped elect president. According to an NBC News-Marist poll, only 28 percent of registered voters in Michigan believe Trump deserves to be reelected, while only 30 percent of those surveyed in Minnesota and 31 percent in Wisconsin believe he deserves reelection. Republicans are also trailing badly in generic ballot tests, and Democrats’ prospects for taking over the House and Senate continue to rise.

The political news for Republicans is so bad that even Trump is blinking. Vladimir Putin will not be coming to the White House this year; the president has put major pieces of his trade war on hold and has shelved any plans to shut down the government this fall. But Republicans hoping to save themselves from the political storm that will soon wipe away their congressional majorities would be well served to speak out against Trump’s most destructive policies, which are anti-conservative, illiberal and sure to bring doom to the once-Grand Old Party.


Posted by coeur_de_lion | Thu Jul 26, 2018, 09:50 PM (12 replies)
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