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Aviation Pro

Aviation Pro's Journal
Aviation Pro's Journal
November 24, 2023

A second transcript of the message warns "we are coming to remove you permanently."

Is this a death threat because I think it's a death threat.

Motherfucker, you best have an E&E plan in place because there's no McDonalds at ADX Florence.

Full quote: A second transcript of the message calls Engoron a "dirty, treasonous piece of trash snake," and warns "we are coming to remove you permanently."

Context here.

November 23, 2023

On Motherfucker's Thanksgiving screed

You know what struck me about this?

2:04 AM.

At 2:04 AM, I was 40 nautical miles to the southwest of this fucking orange fuck bag, sound asleep after planning today's meal. So, I'm wondering, was the fucking bloated tick jolted awake in a cold sweat? Did the used colostomy bag's squirrel brain start a whirring motion at the thought of what his future may look like? Or did the realization that all of his fucking bullshit will not defer what's coming and he ended up tossing and turning until he rolled over to his tacky nightstand, picked up his smartphone, and - alone, because his escort is hiding with her son - start typing out the equivalent of agonal breathing of a 'man' who's going down for the count?

His agony is our delight.

Fuck him.

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