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Member since: Tue Jun 29, 2004, 07:38 PM
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Mike Pence, St. Paddy's Day Parade, Art, and Protest

I posted some of these images in another thread but thought they might make a nice OP.

Pence clan (Mike Pence, his wife (aka mother), and his mother (original) in minimum green for the parade. Poor showing to wear so little green.

We showed him some SAV love. In fact, it appears that in every image of Pence walking in the parade, there is a protest sign or a gay pride flag.

Photos from Savannah Connect FB.

One of the great things about Savannah is its artists. One of them, who goes by Panhandle Slim, makes great folk-art style signs for general consumption and special events like protesting Pence. He does a wonderful job of reminding us that to be Southern is not synonymous with bigotry.





So what do we know about who likely voted for Drew Miller in the PA-18 election?

It looks like Lamb will win with a less than 1000 vote margin over Saccone.

The third-party candidate, Drew Miller (Libertarian) earned 1,351 votes.

I think its typical for Libertarians to take more from the right than the left.

Does anyone know of local polling results that could help us understand if Miller helped or hurt Lamb?

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