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Member since: Tue Jun 29, 2004, 07:38 PM
Number of posts: 31,679

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So I'm back to hosting and I just realized the pinned thread in GD is MIA

I earned a hide just before the big revamp at the end of the primary so I hadn't been hosting or consulting the pinned thread.

Now that I'm back to hosting I went to look for the pinned thread where you had clarified some SOP terms and I just noticed its gone.

I liked the pinned thread thread and thought it helped hosts if not all OP creators. Could you explain to me why you deleted it? Was it seen as problem?

Office plants help

I like to have interesting plants in my office and I'm now in an office that I will be in for the next 8 years.

It has one tall window (6 feet H x 4 feet w x 1 foot deep sill) that gets afternoon light. The building is set at 74 degrees and very constant.

I need suggestions for something interesting and by interesting I mean I'm open to unusual, but the climate is limiting.

Any suggestions?

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