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Member since: Tue Jun 29, 2004, 07:38 PM
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Hillary doesn't need or want Bernie's supporters votes in the general election.


Do What You Want: An Open Letter to the Bernie or Bust Movement on Behalf of the Democratic Party

Trevor LaFauci April 25, 2016
Dear Friends,

Over the past month, you've been in the news quite often for your political stance in which you've stated that the only candidate you will support this election cycle is Senator Bernie Sanders. This stance has drawn a range of reactions from people like Huffington Post's H. A. Goodman that support your dedication to your candidate to those like political comedian Bill Maher who have advised you to "not be assholes." Despite Bernie Sanders' recent willingness to support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee if certain conditions are met, a number of you have continued your stance to support Sanders and Sanders alone. Polls have come out showing that you represent one-quarter of Senator Sanders' supporters. If we were to extrapolate that number out, it would mean over 2 million Democratic voters would be sitting out the 2016 general election, potentially creating an extremely close race or even a Republican victory. With so much at stake, you all are probably tired of all the advice you've been given so I'll do my best to cut to the heart of what I'd like you to know:

The Democratic Party doesn't want or need your vote.



Folks Who Have Seen Your Kind Before

Like I was saying.

edited to add: HRC and her supporters are saying and acting as if they don't want my vote. I've never said I won't vote for HRC or "Bernie or Bust", but I understand that point of view on a personal level. When HRC blows off any Bernie supporter, they they are blowing me off, too.

I've only been in Seattle for three days

And I think I'm in love with Seattle.

What a great city.

Comicon added some nice flavor to the convention area.

And it's restaurant week, too.

35 days after Super Tuesday: Bernie wins Wisconsin and fighting for every delegate.

Go, Bernie, go!

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