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Member since: Tue Jun 29, 2004, 07:38 PM
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Anyone seeing DeadCo on this last tour

I’m in ATL now waiting for tomorrow night.

And then Saratoga Springs in 3 weeks.

AJC: Atlanta loses bid for Democratic National Convention to Chicago

In a blow to Democrats in Georgia and across the South, the Democratic National Committee selected Chicago as the site of its 2024 convention despite a strong push for Atlanta to host the political spectacle.

Party officials announced that Chicago would host the convention, dashing hopes of top state Democrats who had lobbied President Joe Biden and his allies relentlessly for the quadrennial event.

They hoped it would showcase Georgia’s growing political importance as one of the nation’s premier battleground states. But instead the convention went to Chicago, the biggest city in one of the nation’s most solidly Democratic states.


It is a shame. I'm not sure Chicago helps us as much as a Wisconsin or Michigan or Georgia convention would.

AJC: 'It's still painful:' Family members mourn victims of spa shootings (one year ago)

There are so many mass shootings, but this one really impacted me.

Thursday was a day of somber remembrance in Atlanta for the victims of a violent rampage two years ago that shook Asian American and immigrant communities across the city, state, and country. Six of the eight killed at three Atlanta-area spas on March 16, 2021, were Asian women. Among them was Yong Ae Yue, 63, a Korean immigrant who moved to the U.S. in the 1980s.

On Thursday, her son, Robert Peterson, was part of a group of advocates and lawmakers gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to mourn the victims and reflect on the battles and advocacy of the past two years.

“When a family member dies in a mass shooting, our families lose the right to grieve in privacy. But we are not alone. We are grieving together as a community,” he said.

“Today is a day to reimagine and redefine what it means to be Asian American. To show we are no longer invisible and quiet, but we are now … loud and proud.” He added: “We are no longer satisfied with thoughts and prayers.”


AJC/GPB:What do the proposed Georgia prosecutor oversight bills do? An explainer

ETA: A DUer questions the motives and politics of the analyst of this piece.

The article is a good read. Still there is probably a lot of opportunity for allegations of misconduct to be cover for MAGA politics.

Clarifying prosecutors’ duties
The House version of the proposal would add sections to the state laws outlining duties of a district attorney and solicitor general that explicitly requires them to “review every individual case for which probable cause for prosecution exists, and make a prosecutorial decision available under the law based on the facts and circumstances of each individual case.”

Creating an oversight commission
It would include one five-member panel that investigates allegations made against prosecutors and a three-member panel that would conduct hearings on any charges filed by the investigative panel, issue disciplinary orders, standards and advisory opinions regarding the grounds for disciplining prosecutors.

What would cause a prosecutor to face discipline?
A key difference between the Democratic proposal from three years ago to now is the addition of specific reasons prosecutors could be disciplined or removed from office.

Under the Republican proposals, that includes:

“mental or physical incapacity interfering with the performance of his or her duties which is, or is likely to become, permanent,”
willful misconduct in office,
“willful and persistent failure to carry out duties,”
conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude,
“conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute”
or allowing a staff member to do any of the aforementioned things.


AJC: Kemp signs midyear budget with an almost $1 billion property tax break

Mixed feelings. Of course I could use a few hundred extra dollars in my pocket, but I’d rather see Kemp poor these collective surplus funds into hospitals, schools, and universities.


Under the spending plan, homeowners will receive an extra one-time exemption on the value of their homes at tax time, a move that Kemp said in January would save those Georgians, on average, about $500. It will cost the state about $950 million.

Under the separate bill the Senate is expected to approve, many Georgians would also receive an income tax rebate, as they did last year. Married couples who file jointly would receive a maximum of $500. Someone who files as head of a household would get up to $375, and single filers could get as much as $250 for single filers.

House leaders OK budget with $2K raises

This is good news for state workers, who will get $2,000 raises, and double good news for law enforcement, who will get $4,000 raises.

I work for a state agency and these raises ($5,000 last year and $2,000 this year) are collectively the biggest we've seen in 20 years.


House budget writers on Wednesday passed a spending plan for the upcoming year that places heavy emphasis on police and mental health funding, including $4,000 raises for law enforcement officers.

Other state employees, University System of Georgia workers and teachers would receive $2,000 raises in the budget for fiscal 2024 — which begins July 1 — under the proposal approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

The full House is expected to pass the spending plan for the new fiscal year Thursday, sending it to the Senate as lawmakers work to finalize the measure and get it through both chambers by the time the session ends later this month.

Crossover Day Winners and Loser



Stiffer penalties for antisemetic crimes. Good news, IMHO

State oversight of local elected prosecutors. Bad news, IMHO


Legalization of sports better. Good and bad news, IMHO

Anyone local to Columbus know more about the shooting at the gas station?

No motives have been reported. It's not clear if the kids were shooting each other or someone else was shooting at them, or something else.

Nine children, ages 5 to 17, shot at Georgia gas station; police investigating

Police on Monday continued to search for a motive in a shooting that left nine children injured at a Georgia gas station.

The victims, whose names were not released, ranged in age from 5 to 17, Columbus Police Department Police Chief Freddie Blackmon said. The shooting took place late Friday night in Columbus, about 110 miles southwest of Atlanta and about 85 miles east of Montgomery, Alabama.

Seven males and two females were hurt, the chief told reporters during a news conference on Saturday.

None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, Blackmon said.


Dead & Company Final Tour in Summer 2023


I suspect Bob Weir, who is in fabulous physical condition, will continue to tour as Ratdog, with the Wolf Bros, or some other iteration.

I saw DeadCo in 2017 and 2021. It really brought me back to my 80s GD days. DeadCo is different, but it still made me feel free.

How do I stop monthly (Eta: DU) reoccuring charges?

I dont seem to be able to find the stop button. I think i meant to do a one time $25 charges but its been rolling over every month.
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