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Charlotte, NC just voted to cut early vote hours, despite the court ruling

saying that the change in the voting laws was racially discriminatory. The Board of Elections is controlled by the party that is in power at the state level. Right now in NC that is the GOP, even though Charlotte area is solidly Democratic and progressive. We are also one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the country. We have MORE citizens than in 2012, yet they cut our early vote hours significantly.

This is an example of how rules are used to subvert the will of the people. The GOP is shoving their agenda down Charlotte's throat AGAIN. Their puppet Governer Pat McCrory is in serious trouble and they know that Charlotte will deliver NC to the blue column in the GE if we have a strong voter turnout. So they are pulling out these stale dirty tricks AGAIN.

Local scuffles like this are really important. It is important that progressives see and understand what is going on here and in other battleground states.


I want to also highlight how very important activist involvement is at this stage of the game. We PACKED the house with pro-early voting advocates. Standing room only and out the door. I got there early. The local political beat reporter was there with a notepad taking notes for a column that would be buried somewhere in the back pages of the local section. Once they saw how many people showed up and the energy that was there, the photographers and TV cameras started showing up. We were on every local news broadcast and are currently the top story on the Charlotte Observer website. Activist citizens made that happen. Now everyone in the city who flipped on the local news or peeked at the paper this morning knows what they did.

There is another important BOE meeting in Durham County tomorrow night at 6:30. If you are local, be there!

If you are out of state, kick a few $$$ to one of the groups fighting the good fight. NC NAACP and Democracy NC are two that come to mind.

If you are interested in the background of the woman who pushed the bad early voting plan through, see my thread in the NC group. Looks like she is buddies with some serious GOP heavy hitters.
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