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Member since: Wed Jun 23, 2004, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 1,336

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One Million Pibble March: to educate, end discrimination and BSL

Flying Angel

If you can attend:
When: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Where: Washington D.C.

If you can support:

Dog TV...

I know at least one dog who wants this channel.


Home owners or renters insurance coverage (breed)

We were doing a review of our renters insurance and realized our policy doesn't cover certain breeds of dogs. After doing some research, we finally ended up changing our auto and renters policy over to USAA. They didn't even ask what breed.

Pit Bull now covered. Sadly, the chihuahuas are the ones I worry about.

"So help you God"

If I have to testify in my son's death, do I have swear to god to tell the truth? Is that how they always swear witnesses in?

I don't believe in a God.

I didn't have to swear to God to serve and defend this country when I joined the Air Force.

Textures and layers

I was doing the walk through tour of Hearst Castle yesterday and snapped this picture. The cement shutter or door stops caught my eye.

After looking at the photo, I noticed all the different shadows, angles and then the textures. The floor, the table legs and the cement door stops.

7 Things Atheists Turn to When They Have Problems Without Resorting to God

I'm sorry if this information has been posted elsewhere. If not, it may be useful for some or all.


One Million Pibble March on Washington...


Patsy ?/1995 - 3/5/2013

We adopted Patsy in 1996 and I named her for my favorite TV character, Patsy, from Absolutely Fabulous.

Patsy was such a character, vocal and in her younger days, very athletic. She could climb a 6 foot cement block fence with ease, especially during softball/baseball season. She would head over to the fields across the street from our house and hang out begging for nachos and hot dogs.

We were told when we adopted her that she was a pitbull mix. I didn't see it, but that is what we were told. We finally did DNA testing; Boxer, Golden retriever and Samoyed.

Patsy was the best foster mom to every dog we have ever brought into our home. She was gentle, loving and patient. She loved to have a plush/squeaker toy and would just carry them around with her and tease you with them.

I miss Patsy very much but am glad I had the honor of being her mommy for so many years.
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