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Member since: Wed Jun 23, 2004, 04:34 PM
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I accidentally found this video today...dedicated to my son.

Will they also cover all the physical therapy,

mental therapy and ongoing medical bills these folks are going to need for the rest of their lives?

Don't get me wrong, I think the hospitals agreeing to wipe out or reduce the cost of care for these victims is a great thing but if we had universal health care it would ALL be covered and the doctors and hospitals wouldn't have to "donate" their resources and we could fund-raise for building an art space/memorial in the place of theater #9.

James Holmes: terrorist

Just because James Holmes unleashed his opinions with every bullet he discharged instead of strapping a backpack full of explosives and blowing himself up along with his victims, doesnít mean he isnít a terrorist and just because he purchased his guns and ammunition legally, doesnít mean he isnít a terrorist. Just because James Holmes acted alone, doesnít mean he isnít a terrorist and just because he is white doesnít mean he isnít a terrorist.

It's hard to be from Utah...

Today on facebook Utah friends and family have informed me (via their very informative posts) that our national debt has not only doubled or tripled, it is 100 times what it was under GWBshrub and that God gives us the right to bear arms and that is why it is in the constitution and Pres. Obama has never bothered to visit the D-Day memorial on D-Day and he is the only President to dishonor all of our troops in such a way.

Good grief...

How I wish I could afford to fly to Utah just to smack a few people.

Shine on Dear Son...


Thanks to photoshop, I can takes good pictures too...

I came home just a bit earlier than usual and found two owls hanging out back. I have never seen owls hanging out here in the city before.

Equipment question re: slides to digital

My father was a photographer and since his passing, I have inherited thousands of slides and 35mm negatives. I am not rich, in fact, very not rich but would like to scan these slides into a digital format to better enjoy them and pass them on to my son or at least be able to share them easier. I tried using a flatbed a few years ago that had a transparency attachment, but it was slow and not very good quality.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with slide/film scanners?

Abandoned pit bull's best pal is a Chihuahua

Bill Foundation tried everything to make Arnold feel brave and safe. He received much-needed love from volunteers and his foster mom, including help from experts. But Arnold stayed scared and anxious ó a gentle boy, but one who wanted to escape, one who always shook with fear and looked so dejected.

Then along came Dearheart, who is four pounds of fabulous. Frightened and uncertain, the diminutive Chihuahua was saved from death row by the Bill Foundation. He was brought into a foster home to help with socialization and confidence building. It just so happened that this foster home was also Arnoldís, and when the two met, they became fast friends.

**** SNIP ****

Previously, if Arnold was in a crate at adoption events he would shiver, whimper and cry. Now Arnold and Dearheart share a crate and a life together, leaning on each other for support, and snuggling in peaceful bliss. Arnold clearly feels safer in the presence of his new pal, and their caretakers say both dogs have been changed forever by their partnership.

Complete story: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/45899910/ns/today-today_pets_and_animals/t/abandoned-pit-bulls-best-pal-chihuahua/
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