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Hometown: TN
Home country: US
Member since: Thu Jun 17, 2004, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 18,186

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Bless Rush's Little Poo-Stained Heart

He's smearing feces in the cage again because he's incredibly irrelevant.

He needs some attention as do the pathetic goons stupid enough to listen to him.

This is how radio works, dumbass Rush Limbaugh listeners: Rush doesn't believe ANY of the shit he spews. He believes NONE of it!

But he knows all you angry truck drivers and retirees and shop owners who listen have been cleaning your guns "fer YEARS waitin' on a revolushunn."

He knows you're all batshit nuts, you "wanna kill sumpin'," you're addicted to OXY. and you're all bored out of your minds, so he is gonna send you on a lezzbo hunt.

I bet he had a gin-soaked meeting with his producer to come up with this shit. Rush probably made a bet: "I bet I can get 5 nutcases in the South to threaten some gay women. Watch! These people are stupid, rabid suckers!"

WE had a comedy radio show, and one day convinced people that the Chinese had switched Bush Sr. with an imposter (when he got sick and fell under the table). People were calling in saying how horrible it all was. People are dumb.

But the only divisions that have occurred in the US are not from Obama or Democrats. They are designed and implemented by Republicans, both with their gerrymandering to gain election advantages, their voter suppression and their hatred for their fellow human beings. Rush embodies both divisive poo flinging and hatred for others.

And I just have to say, all of you who come on here and defend this shit radio, who say a Fairness Doctrine will "destroy the wonderful, glorious free speech we enjoy" is saying this kind of inane drivel, stochastic terrorism, or whatever you want to call it, is acceptable and should not be countered by facts or we taint this precious "free speech" in radio today.

This putrid word infection Rush drains out of his blubbery face does nothing to edify anyone, enlighten the community, or spread awareness about actual facts people should know. This "free speech" is no more than crap smeared on a public space.

I know in the park service, they may or may not agree that "free speech" includes smeared feces on exhibits, but they damn sure hire people and have a policy to CLEAN UP THE SHIT.

For what it's worth: Who else has this same earworm?

there's a man with a gun over there....

My condolences to everyone in the world who lost their lives to senseless violence this week.

Are Grits Groceries had a deja-vuish "Feels like 1968" thread posted last night. When anyone says "1968" I instantly hear the opening twangs.

I posted a snippet of lyrics and saw others had done the same. I bet there are more than a few DUers who are hearing it in their thoughts.

We've been here before. We can do better than this.

While our congress wastes the time and resources we give them conducting witch hunts, we are seeing poverty, incarceration and income disparity at historic levels. Tens of thousands are dying with no access to health care; real estate is only obtainable by the upper classes and foreign investors in some cities; and the goddamned Dark Ages has got NOTHING on our treatment of the mentally ill and the orphan.

How long does Congress intend to sit on this powder keg playing parlor games?

Thank You Peter Neffenger: You've Taught Us It's Okay to Head Slam Disabled Brain Surgery Patients

This world becomes nearly unbearable because of people like Peter Neffenger, the Memphis TSA authority and the Memphis Police Department.

There are some stories that just chill me to my core, some news that convinces me that evil and cruelty will always win.

What can you say to TSA agents who will body slam a disabled, half-blind brain surgery patient on her way home from the hospital? How can anyone explain that sort of depravity?

How can anyone explain to me that grown men and women in the Memphis Police Department thought it would be even more helpful to then throw this bloody, battered young women in jail for the night?

Where does this sort of cruelty and malicious abuse of sick people originate? How do those TSA agents and the Memphis Police department even call themselves human beings? They are sick, twisted caricatures of humans from the looks of it, not thinking, rational beings.

My heart is just broken for all of the people on the internet right now sharing their tales of how the TSA agents treat disabled people. Why? What do they get out of it?

How was society safer because some ignorant no-neck in Memphis locked a very, very sick, battered woman in a filthy jail cell for the night? What do you say for yourself, you badass Memphis cops and TSA agents, saving us from those wicked brain surgery patients with your superhuman strength?


How did these people become so broken, they head slam a brain surgery patient and beat her bloody, and then throw her in a jail cell? HOW?

Obama, your Peter Neffenger is an incompetent criminal if this is what he allows his employees to get away with - and if the stories from other disabled people are to be believed. This is intolerable and absolutely disgusting. Neffenger needs to be fired and the TSA needs some solid leadership, extensive and comprehensive training programs and some damned INTEGRITY.

All I keep asking myself is "What the fuck is WRONG with people? What the FUCK is wrong with people?"

I cannot believe what my government's employees are doing to my fellow citizens. This is a horror show.

Thanks, DU, for letting me rant. I want to scream but it will scare the dog.

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