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Hometown: TN
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Member since: Thu Jun 17, 2004, 10:22 AM
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I find it ironic that this Utah thread was posted

directly above the one about our lovely First Lady going bare-headed in Saudi Arabia. Too funny.

I can't explain how it feels to be of the gender that is constantly told what we should be wearing by many of the other gender (and by many of our own. )

Forcing women to wear symbolic scraps or swathes of fabric really does appear to make some men feel exceptionally moral, all in control, all cool with god. How sad is that?

They are dependent on what another person does in order to feel worthy. Not just sad, dangerous.

These people are surely hated by anything divine. To be fair, most powerful Mormon leaders probably don't believe in their own narrative, but I imagine they like using the stories and the nefarious rules to CONTROL others. It's Big Business, Deluxe Prophet Edition: Lord And Savior Style.

I just have to say: It's very strange to strike such fear in the hearts of men, that even a smidge of one of our shoulders has superpowers, that the mere sight of the top of our heads can send those poor, weak men into lustful spasms and agonizing seizures of shame and sexual temptation.

We women need to find new ways to use our powers, and tell all the immoral, narcissistic, authoritarian big-mouthed men to shut up and worry about their own choices.

And this young lady is getting a wonderful lesson in theocracy. Hopefully, she will take what she's learning and use it to help make things better for people her age.

PEOPLE.* Her age.

*Gender-neutral, as boys and girls are harmed by theocracies.

Je Suis Debbie Downer!

Well, people could have completely disconnected from the system when the writing started appearing on the wall, but we had no prophets who could be heard above the commercials.

People on DU and elsewhere insisted we must all keep buying so that we could keep the system going. Funny how the bejillionaires needed us then.

But, oh. The system shook all of those loyal consumers and corporate apologists out like crumbs from a tablecloth. And they were so sure their six figure incomes were set for life. Why should they care about what the minimum wage is, or how hard the poor have it?

Now, many of them would sell their souls for a full time, minimum wage job. How the mighty have fallen. And they still suffer in silence, in shame.

I tried to own my home - it is muy humble but it's mine - and have as few expenses as possible. Work from home, low carbon footprint, low expectations, DIY and self-sufficiency oriented. It ain't pretty, easy or elegant, but it's peaceful for the most part and stress is minimized greatly.

I don't know how others stay plugged in to the madness; I admire their courage.

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