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Name: Me
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Hometown: Here
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Member since: Fri Jun 11, 2004, 10:37 AM
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About Me

I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

Journal Archives

I'm putting up my flag tomorrow

I have been going back and forth on this for weeks

I put up my flag every national holiday. Im not a vet , but there is still a very basic nave belief within me that still believes in this nation.

The almost daily horrible rulings from the extreme supreme fucks has, at times, make me break down and weep out of frustration.

Over the last several weeks I have been in this funk of shock and depression that, I believe, many on this site can relate to.

I think of all the great things and terrible things this nation has done over the centuries weve been in existence. But I like to think, regardless of the right wing fascist attempts to turn back the clock, we, as a nation, try to continue to push the ball forward.

Yes, we lose ground from time to time, but, we recover and eventually continue forward. Sometimes in the face of overwhelming odds.

While we have in our history times of incredible cruelty, we have, it seems to me, have tried, often in ham-handed ways, to repair those same cruelties.

This is what makes America different (NOT exceptional. Because other nations have used us as an example since and, sadly, have done better jobs at it).

We are a nation of a many voices and, as such, sometimes lose the clarity of rational thinking due to the din of the haters.

We are complex as much as we are simple.

We are loving as much as we are hateful.

We are brilliant as much as we are dumb

We are that example that, not just we can do better but show the world what is possible.

Without the U.S., just think how this world might have been? How many nations adopted our basic freedoms? How many nations united against those who continue to do evil? How many nations still look up on us for help and inspiration? Many many many.

We are going through hard times now, and its easy to just throw in the towel. Maybe its part of who I am or because I was brought up in this country, but I know, I wont always feel down, I know that I will; stand straight again and refuse to throw in that towel

I know there are more good people than there are bad.

I know that the majority of the people of this nation want to be safe and free to live as they want.

We are many, they are few

I will not allow the bastards to win.

That is why Im putting up my flag tomorrow.

The little rumblings of a landslide

First a few rocks.

Your conscious shifts, just trying to take in what youre seeing

A few large rocks, small boulders really, fall. This extracts a ooh or an ahh from those watching

The ground rumbles. People stretch out there arms to steady themselves. Exchanging nervous glances

There is a a cracking. A snapping. A shift in the wind

People gasp. Fear swells in the collective chests.

The bubbling up of a scream as the world.
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