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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

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Why I am the cynic I am today

I listen to great podcast called American Scandal.

And the particular 5 part series I’m listening to deals with the Valerie Plame affair.

Remember “fitzmas” everyone was all agog about on here so many years ago, when a particular part of the people here were under the delusion that Karl rove and a host of others were going to brought up on charges and go to prison?

But instead scooter libby fell on his sword and took the blame and “fitzmas” vanished.

Listening to these episodes got me a special kind of angry again, not angry over those crooks not going to prison per say but how our judicial system failed the American public in the most spectacular way possible.

That hardened my cynicism into stone.

Then the beat went on and the crockery, thievery and insanity by the right wing only increased.

And here we are today, only just surviving an attempted coup d ’estate by luck and via a few very dedicated people.

Everything now is amplified to 11 as compared to those many years ago and the fake story of yellow cake uranium. It almost seems quaint, like an old movie we once saw in a old fashion theater with a smoking section.

The grinding down of my hope and belief in this nation by a near daily dose of faux and real problems. Mostly faux. But never the less, day in day out it will crush your belief and drive to not care about anything.

Now we have the Jan 6th committee investigation. And we are all, those who still know how to still think rationally, hoping for the same thing; people to go to prison. And I’m not talking about the useful right wing pawns that ran into the capital. While we do cheer watching those gullible halfwits get sent off to jail, we want those who planned this to be held accountable, especially if we want some form of this country to survive and not slide into the toilet of fascism.

But alas, I look back at the Plame affair, the yellow cake bullshit, the wars for profit and hundreds of thousands of people killed and I think, “what the mother fuck happened??”

My answer: not a god damn thing. We only slide further down the scale of what we will accept and what is acceptable.

Orwell described fascism as a boot on your neck forever. Kind of like his 1984 variety. I used to believe that when I was younger, I’m more of the opinion now that Huxley was correct with Brave New World. As long as we are made to feel that all the bullshit from the right wing is normal and just “politics and usual” we will continue to eat at the tough of bullshit while being told it’s chocolate.

And at the end of the day, with everything that has happened since those “good old days”, I expect more of the same. The ones responsible will skate away. They lesser stooges will fall “nobily” on their swords and the rest of us will have bare that much more weight to keep society going. All the while being told that Justice was done.

We have a window of 6 to 9 months if these criminals are to be held accountable, after that everything will be purposely buried in election coverage. If nothing happens, we are effectively a democracy on paper and nothing more.

Given the current landscape, I’m not expecting much

Good night, and good god damn luck. We’re going to need it


edits were to fix grammar and spelling. I first posted this from my phone.
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