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Name: Me
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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

Journal Archives

3 in custody 1 dead.

that makes at least 4 active shooters that were involved.

is this the sad new trend in public massacres?

the nation was outraged over Orlando. but what came of it?

the nation was outraged over Sandy Hook? but what came of it?

the nation was outraged...pick your favorite massacre du jour, and what fucking came of it?

now dallas, I ask you again, what will become of that? what will change in any sort of meaningful way?

our congress critters will have sit ins, filibuster marathons, people will protest, the president will make yet another sad statement about our fucked up society, and honestly what will happen?

talk show after talk show will have guests on by the number wringing their hands over the violence, but what will come of it?

the families will be interviewed, charity foundations will be created, donations will be collected, but what will come of it?



Until the NRA is kept from flooding money into the coffers of the puppet-like congress morons they control, what's going to happen?


just another hour in America.
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