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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

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prediction: 0ne year from now, the orange jerk will not pardon the White House Turkey

It sounds stupid, but I believe this will happen.

The desperation of the right and why they lost their minds...

The slow erosion of the right wing into what we have today, started in full boil over when george w. bush* was appointed prez.

Party stalwarts stood silently by while he* "went off message" and began employing the form of conservatism known as Neo-Conservatism. While it has been around for a long time, it was his* appointment that brought it to the national stage via the bully pulpit of the presidency.

Many rightly argue that this began long ago, before reagan; the forgetting of the American worker, the deliberate destruction of unions and the yearly attacks on the various social support systems that help today's unemployed and poor.

However, those were just the precursors to what was began during "W's*" reign of terror.

The willful ignoring of the poor during Hurricane Katrina, the wars of opportunity based on grudges, the never ending spending of the nations money's into a fraudulent rebuilding effort in the middle east, the housing meltdown, the shunning our allies help after 9/11 and rebuffing the feeling of unity after that same date; by telling the American people to go shop. And that translated into us "doing our part".

There are many many other things that I have failed to list, but the general idea is that republicans, while not vocal or even conscious of it, were losing the concept of leadership.

Like Bob Dole or not (personally I can't stand him), he did have leadership qualities. George*? no so much.

He* and his room full of dopes did their best to "drown our government in a bathtub" but all they did was leave a leaderless vacuum in their wake.

So without any real leaders what do conservatives do? They panic and create all sorts of hair brained ideas and conspiracies to fill the void.

Take your pick of crazy right wing theories, the list is way to long.

And when that's all you have as discourse from the right, what do you get? The opportunist trump, feeding them exactly what what they want to hear. It's the immigrants, it's the terrorists, it's the Mexicans, it's the African-Americans it's all their fears wrapped up into a ball with a trump bow.

In essence their problems are caused by everyone but themselves.

Introspection and reflection have never been a strong points of the right wing.

And as such, to sum it up in a phrase, (which I use from time to time), "the right wing is doing their hardest to work against their own best interests".

Logic, reason and discourse be damned! shoot first and ask questions later!! That's what they want! Because at the end of the day, they will never ever take responsibilities for their own fuck ups and frankly, trump is their biggest fuck up.

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