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I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

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Allowing the banks to fail here would have had a very interesting outcoume...

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but bank savings are protected by the FDIC for up to 200k.

Look across the spectrum of our society. How many of the 99% have 200k in the bank? probably not many.

and see that's the rub. those in the upper income bracket would be the ones that would suffer the most.

letting the banks fail would have been an incredible social equalizer. those with millions would have lost a bundle and *GASP* would have to suddenly live like the rest of us, the "great unwashed".

and that is, one of the may reasons, the circular clusterfuck of our banking system hasn't been held responsible.

They couldn't possible live like the rest of us. It's beneath them.

And as a side note: those who argue that "letting them fail" would have been catastrophic for the nation, lives with the delusion that nothing at all would have been done to prevent a cascade of trouble across the board.

Let the banks fail and help the people. That's the chant that should have been yelled.

but alas...

the problem as to why the US can't do it, is very simple...

via propaganda we are lead to believe that if we allowed those bastards to fail, then life as we know it would suddenly vanish from the face of the earth.

That everything that we know and love would no longer exist and the slim possibility of ever returning to "normal" wouldn't exist.

so, instead we are forced to believe that by supporting this grifting institutions that we are much better off than the grossly over imagined sensationalistic apocalyptical alternative.

See? that's why it won't work here, because a portion of the population enjoy being suckered by their fears by the wealthy 1%.

while the rest of us get pissed off at not having any say or being accused of being "Un-American" because we want accountability.

whenever a politician says, "the country wouldn't survive it" what they really mean is they will lose their jobs because they are firmly tied to whatever illegal activity that was perpetrated.

less a club than a exclusive society entered into by birth.

clubs people can join, but the real "club" to be in is the one that is only allowed by birth.

there are lots of really wealthy people and, sure, you can say they are in a club, but for the obscenely wealthy, the kind that makes the word "wealth" sound down right poverty-like, well those folks only get in that society via genetic birth lottery.

the "hard-work" types who were born in the CEO's office and think they worked their way up to owning the team. All the other, the "poverty-like" wealthy, they are still playing ball and being born on home-plate and third base.

the rest of us, we are not only not in the dugout, not only not in the stadium, but we are the guys looking for change on the pavement in the parking lot.

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