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Name: Me
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Hometown: Here
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Member since: Fri Jun 11, 2004, 10:37 AM
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About Me

I do stuff. And when I finish that stuff, I do other stuff.

Journal Archives

Hammers and wood chippers.

that's a hell of a choice.

we are the serfs of new America, made to feel as if we matter, but are continually forgotten.

We are blurbs, we are content for political pamphlets, we are the useful tools to be bandied about when political need arises, our hands are shook, promises are made to us by eyes that seem sympathetic, we are smiled at on queue, we are told truths that are only half true, we are the gullible masses who want something so bad that we are willing to take scraps and call it victory; we are the new surfs.

At the end of the day, what do we really want? A fair shake? A fully belly? A secure job? A roof over our heads? A good night sleep?

We all live on the edge of a cliff, praying daily we don't fall off. Once, there were nets to save us if we did. But those nets are either vanishing are in ill repair.

We try our best to look forward, but be have a hard time to keep from looking down into the abyss.

As we walk, the edge gets a little less secure. Bit and pieces falling into oblivion.

We look to the open land and we see armies approaching. Armies of the wealthy, the greedy and the willing tools to be sacrificed.

They run across green grasses of endless beauty. Their sky is always blue, their water is always clean and they never have to worry about the next bill, feeding themselves or health issues.

We are the serfs of New America.

Yeah, the WI vote was rigged...

by us being out spent 10-1.

It's the American voting process being sold to the highest bidder.

Who needs to tamper with electronic voting machines. That's such ugly dirty work suited best for the likes of rove and his ilk.

nope, this time the election was gamed by money.

You see, prior to citizens united, tampering with voting machines was the way to ensure your guy won.

Now, money took it's place.

Look at it this way, once upon a time, the mafia used to shake down local business owners for protection money, but then they learned it was easier just to control the industry.

And here we are.

Sure they won "fair and square", but they only did that once they changed the rules.

See how it works?

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