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My definitions of: moron, idiot and jerk...

Moron: someone who does something wrong but doesn't know better.

idiot: someone who does something wrong but does know better

jerk: someone who does something wrong, knows better but enjoys it.

fucking jerk: someone who does something wrong, knows better, enjoys it then does it again.

mitten's qualifies for the last one.

If you have ever been the victim of a bully...

No matter what mitten's says, what ever false or non-apology he gives, I will never believe him.

From the time I entered grade school to the time I left high school, I was bullied virtually every single day.

When I hear bullies apologize, I think of the old adage, "it's easier to get forgiveness than permission".

I then think of those who say, "the sign of being an adult is forgiving those who have wronged you".

I still have the scars, both mental and physical all these many many years later.

I chose to use my experience at the hands of bullies to be more empathetic and more understanding for those who experienced and experience the same treatment.

Do I forgive those who bullied me? No, instead I feel sorry for them. Do I feel sorry for mittens? No, I pity him and his pathetic life.

Bullies on the other hand learn to live with regret. But regret is a funny thing. What do they regret, they fact that they did what ever horrible thing they did to another person or regret they were found out?

It's only now that mitten's bullying comes out. So to me, it sounds as if he regrets being found out.

Am I such an adult that I can forgive someone for something they did to someone 40+ years ago? That's not me to answer but for the person who was bullied.

However, was mitten's the consummate upper class-man that singled out only underclassmen? or did he pick and choose his targets for scorn?

Frankly, I don't think it mattered to him. Bullies work from power. Power to control, power to manipulate, power to destroy and power to embarrass. All of which is rooted in ego.

You see, if mitten's was from some screwed up family that abused him, then it would be "shit rolls down hill" concept of passing the bullying he got from his parents onto some unsuspecting person just to vent his own anger.

But no. mitten's came from a well to do family. His "abuse" came in the form from parents who pumped up his ego and inflated the importance of his "station in life" and those who are "different" were beneath him.

I have long been saying that mitten's is a sociopath.

His non-apology apology confirms that. He just doesn't get it. He knows the words but he doesn't understand the actions.

I knew guys like him. He's the worst kind of bully. He's the kind who justifies his actions as being for the best for all, all the while having a smile on his face.

He will punch you in the face repeatedly, telling you the whole time, it's for your own good. And making you try to sympathize with him having to beat you up.

When in the end, the only person to "benefit" is mittens with his stroked ego by those who fawn around him and too afraid of him to tell him to fuck off. And those who were bullied, too bloodied to respond.

Blaming the teachers is merely pointing out the symptoms and not understanding the disease...

This is from a 13 year olds perspective at the classroom level and not a view on the systemic problems of the education system.

The problem of todays education system isn't teachers, it's the system which has now over arching corporate control, lack of funding, ever evolving education curriculum and treating national education as a political volley ball to be batted around at will to serve lobbyists, politicians and corporate interests.

The slow dismantling of various teachers unions, the firing of long time teachers and hiring "cheaper" new teachers with virtually no experience and with no mentoring programs is a deliberate effort to erode the system and allow it to be easily controlled by outside forces.

In conjunction: there are good teachers out there of all races. The problem teachers face isn't so much that they are bad teachers (although there are many), it's that the curriculum as been skewed so much toward teaching toward state and national mandated testing, that the art of real teaching is taking a backseat.

Once upon a time, teachers were able to go off curriculum to discuss topics at length. Now, they have to try and eek out the odd 5 to 15 minutes here and there to try and reach the students.

We have lost art, music and gym, we have lost civics, language programs and many after school activities in much of our grossly underfunded school system. Yet people still complain as to why kids don't get a proper education.

The working parents, couples and single, are at wits end to engage their child between struggling to maintain an income and a cohesive family. As a result, more pressure is put upon the teacher to try and "parent" kids. Yet parents get bent out of shape when their kid gets a poor report from school.

Teachers with no support from the parents and parents who perceive their child as doing no wrong or are unable or unwilling to be reasonable, is a failing cooperative endeavor.

The constant de-funding of schools, the rewarding of better schools and removal of funds from the "under performers", is destroying our kids education. Why punish an under performing school? Many times they are under performing because they don't have the funds to allow teachers to properly do their jobs.

While this student makes the comparison to slavery by equating white centric teachers as "masters" to the "slaves" of students of color, this students perspective is skewed to only her microcosm.

While I do understand the students perspective, I can only state that it's from a limited view, however, what I do hope happens is that it opens a debate on a wide range of topics concerning the problems with our public education system. One of which is funding.
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