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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 26,849

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How many really best friends do you have???

My two are gone......my sister who died of melanoma, and my one really, really best friend died of breast cancer. I got no one. Just asking who do you have as your really, really best friend.

and OMGOSH.....How awesome was that advertisement with ALL the X and current

Governors of Minnesota saying be patient for the vote count!!!!!

Just saw tRumps plane landing in La Crosse, WI airport.

Should say, Iím watching from across the Mississippi River from the airport.

Am I the only one that's actually just passing time until next gawd damn Tuesday???

I canít take it......I need it to be election night right damn now.

It's the pandemic stupid.

James Carville to CNN talking head about Joe Bidenís not doing a lot of big gatherings.

The orange piece of shit has got THREE rallies scheduled for today!!!!!!


The Central Park five......OMGAWD.

Joe just brought it up.

OMGAWD I just realized I'm raciest against ORANGE people......

"There's nothing political about people dying".......

from a ICU nurse in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Ah, are bell bottom pants/jeans coming back into fashion???

Am getting my onslot of fall and holiday catalogs and lotsa of them are showing a lot more bell bottoms. Bell bottoms really are more flattering for some of us. I might have to try on my old bells to see if they still fit, and I suppose I should add here, I KNOW THEY WONíT FIT.
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