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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,238

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Ah, not real excited about the head of our DNC......

Tom Perez....boring. *yawn* was just on CNN.

MSNBC: George Clooney........

Just saw the life of Joe Biden......now theyíre doing George.

I feel at tad better about this from Als fellow senator....Amy K

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who serves in the Senate representing Minnesota with Al Franken, explained Friday that she didn't publicly ask Franken to resign this week because of their relationship.

"I had condemned his conduct early on when the first allegation was made," she told CNN's Dana Bash on "Inside Politics." "I felt I was in a different role as his colleague, that I'm someone that has worked with him for a long time, there's a lot of trust there, and I felt it was best to handle it in that way."


Info on her as a potential Governor.......

Could google, but personal info is much more appreciated...... thanks

the GOP would send up Tim Pawlenty for Al's senate seat???

Well, Im now done with M$M......no news for me, except for my local news.....

Will be taking a break from DU as well......not sure for how long, and I will be back, but right now, I need to get away from all this shit. Ugh.....iím sick, depressed and full of loathing, see you around.

Seriously, its time to take a stand.....

Iím with Senator Al Franken and screw all those that want him to resign. No more money to ANY organization, or Senator who is saying he should resign. NO MORE DONATIONS to those that donít have Senator Frankenís back. Ya with me??

If Al Franken resigns.......I, well, i dont know what im going to do

quit the party, quit donating to the party. Oh damn it, I donít know what iím going to do. Iím so pissed off right now..... I really wondered how many false claims it would take, I guess 7 was the lucky number.

Watching my DVRd copy of Anthony Bourdains trip to Porto Rico.....

it was filmed actually three weeks before the hurricane Maria hit the island. Maria commpletely destroyed it.

and Im sorry, Im just going to be using vulgar language from now on.....

every post or thread, swearing is now my response to ALL topics concerning the repugnant repubs.
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