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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 21,238

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Question.....sent a friend a 100 bill in her Christmas card on Tuesday

hoping she received it.....should I expect a thank you or not??? Do you possibly think someone might have absconded with it? Havenít heard anything yet. Should I be worried??? Do I mention to her that I sent a card??? Is it to early to even get a response?? Thank you for your thoughts.

Watching the working girl movie with Melanie Griffith......

I forgot how terrible the 80ís Hair was!!!!! Ha ha ha.... and shoulder pads, and just saw the twin towers,

Is guy better then Paul Ryan??? OMGAWD, NOT.


Holy crap, heís running against Paul Ryan......

The Democratic Party better be prepared for the rise of brown and black women......


Heres Kathy Griffins replacement for New Years Eve.....

https://www.cnncreativemarketing.com/project/cnn-new-years-eve/. Really donít care, wonít watch, and would only look in on Anderson and Kathy during advertisements of whatever I was watching on New Years. To bad so sad.

So is this the worst week since tRump got elected???

Net neutrality is dead, and now the senate will pass the *gag* tax reform bill.....

The Last Jedi......

are they ever going to update all their flying machines??? They all look the same to me.....or am I wrong?? Don't ya think they could come up with new styles or am I nuts?? Won't be seeing the new movie until DVR comes out.

Why cant I find the sudafed cold medicine anymore???

Getting ready for the next cold and replenishing my cold remedy supplies, and canít find my good olí sudafed. Thereís only one kind now and itís not what I relied previously. Whatís up with that??

Cary Argos from the good wife is getting his own doctor show......


Loved Sir Charles Barkley......

ďtold the Democrats NOT to forget the African Americans and the white poor......do not take us for grantedĒ.
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