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a kennedy

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Member since: Fri Jun 4, 2004, 11:02 PM
Number of posts: 26,822

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I'm loving watching faux noise this morning.......

Defeat looks great on them.... waiting for the tRump write in. Although after 10 minutes I've got to change the channel.

Michael Moore coming up next on Colbert's show.......and I might be wrong but he looks

like he's lost some weight. Just saw a quick flash of him before they went to commercials.

Watching the nineties....Bill Clinton's second term.....wow.

Forgot how really tough times were then. Yikes....surprising the Clintons survived.....although they really didn't. And it's so funny how all the repub talking mouths were alive and well. Brett Hume was at CNN. Right, faux noise wasn't in existence yet. 20 years ago.......

Evidence PROVES gerrymandering in Wisconsin: ready for the Supreme Court......


and it's hammer time.......watching the world Series of poker.......

and I'm hammered!!!!! Both players in the heads up competition are rookies to the World Series of Poker. Love it. I play poker every month, lose my ass most the time, but love to play. So, this is great...... oh, and not drinking anymore, CAN'T SEE THEIR CARDS.

Anyone else have this problem???......just donated to a campaign and got

a thank you for my MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION!!!!!! I thought I only gave a one time contribution. So I immediately sent a email to say I only wanted to give once. Then I did get a notice back saying that it would only be a one time contribution. Gotta really be careful of what I sign up for. Whew.......

tRump did talk to millions of middle Americans........do we remember what he said???

and can the Democrats gain on that??? or perfect the message that will bring the middle class back to the Democratic Party?? I'm curious, people are still really mad at Washington.....how can the Democrats explain and deliver the message that all those that voted for tRump, Dems and Repubs alike, want Washington to make their life better. How do the Dems customize the message to improve their life and the lives of their family, because I don't see any ground swell to the Democratic Party as of now. JMHO.

It's the World Series of Poker 2017........

I know is it really a sport??? Don't care, really enjoy it. First time it really ends in the few days after the final nine players were known.....no November nine. Now, shuffle up an deal.

OK, watching the OJ parole hearing......he actually looks like he's enjoying himself

with all the hoopla over him. Not real serious to him I feel. Anyone else feel that??

Turtle man is jabbering now outside whitehouse......

and he really looks sick to me. Ugh...... Next week voting on motion to proceed.
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